Sunday, September 06, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Top Iranian General to United States: We Will Cut Your 'Hands and Fingers'

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Top Iranian General to US: We Will Cut Your 'Hands and Fingers': Clarion
How bad is the Iran deal? Let’s count the ways: Amir Taheri
Reid to prevent vote on Iran nuclear deal: Rudy Takala

Hillary admits she’s bothered that voters think she’s a liar: Geoff Earle
Hillary Clinton’s Emails Show a Staff Praising Her and Dissing Obama: Carol Felsenthal
Baby Organ Harvester to Hillary: "You're My Personal Hero": Sarah Zagorski

Kate’s Parents Strike Back: Debra Saunders
Why this illegal alien, a convicted felon can’t be deported will infuriate you!: Unyielding
Large crowds turn out for pro Kim Davis rally: FAM

How To Restrain The Supreme Court: David Patten
A Reader Has A Bumper Sticker For ”¡Jeb! “: VDARE
That State Dept. staffer pleading the Fifth?: Jimmy Princeton


Obama: I'll veto any budget if it limits spending: Rudy Takala
Thanks to Michelle Obama, 1/2 of School Cafeteria Workers Lose Their Jobs: RWN
Chicago has 8 homicides in one day; #BlackLivesMatter protests budget: Twitchy

Scandal Central

Three Illegal Alien/Obama DREAMers/MS13 Gang Members Kill Teen In Virginia: Treehouse
"Sorry you're so confused," she said hopefully: Paul Mirengoff
Hillary Plotted With Idiot Blumenthal to Overturn First Amendment: Brendan Bordelon

Climate & Energy

Could the U.S. Meet Its Electricity Needs With Solar Energy?: John Hinderaker
What the President Didn’t See From Alaska: Denali
China’s Worst Nightmare - The US’s Oil Weapon: Tingbin Zhang


how do I get out of this suicide pact: Fredrik deBoer
If Republicans can’t get at least 20 ads out of this Hillary sound bite they’re doing it wrong: Doug Powers
Hillary Clinton Weighed Down By Huma Abedin Millstone: Profit Confidential

Cop Executed in Cold Blood -- Why Isn't EVERYONE Mad As Hell?: Ian Tuttle
The Media is Covering for #BlackLivesMatter by Ignoring Their Violence: ProgsToday
How Mainstream Media and Social Media Present COMPLETELY Different Views Of Syrian Immigrant Crisis: Sooper


Iran Deal: Barbarity Wins: Guy Millière
Iran Deal Will Trigger Major War in Middle East: Nima Gholam Ali Pour
Muslim Countries Refuse to Take Syrian Refugees, Cite Risk of Exposure to Terrorism: Breitbart

Tennessee: 7th graders made to write “Allah is the only God,” learn Islam: Creeping
The mysterious Bolivian ship and its tons of weapons: Fausta
Tanks Get Green Makeover as USAREUR Shifts Focus to Europe: John Vandiver

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Exclusive: Google's "New" Search Icon Was Created in 2008 by Russian Designer: Jason Mick
There is Planet X after Pluto in Kuiper Belt, say Astronomers: Anirudh Madhav
The 10 Commandments of Rational Debate: Joseph E. Postma


The Politics of Star Trek: Timothy Sandefur
This Cruz Ad Serves Up Some Truth About How Americans Feel About Hillary: TPI
Ted Cruz: Will the “wacko bird” soar like an eagle?: Atarah Pinder

Image: Trump Has Succeeded in Convincing Conservatives to Discard their Principles Overnight
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "As migrants continue to pour over the borders of Italy and Hungary, and from there to spread out into the rest of Europe, the continent is becoming increasingly and irreversibly Muslim. Europe is lost to Islam." --Guy Millière

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