Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Smoking Gun Email That Just Pulverized Hillary’s Campaign

The Right Scoop passes on a tip from The Federalist, which calls this particular email the smokiest of the many smoking guns vis a vis the Hillary TOP SECRET email scandal...

...it clearly shows Hillary passing on classified information to Sidney Blumenthal, who didn’t even work for the State Department:

Here’s what Ed has to say about it:

Yet here Hillary is, sending him updates on negotiations with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Tony Blair, which are obviously too sensitive to send out over an unauthorized and unsecure mode of transmission. On top of that, she’s sharing it with someone not cleared for this information even when properly transmitted.

Blumenthal, a known anti-semitic kook, was renowned for his stupidity to the point that even "Rahm Emanuel expressly forbid him to be hired anywhere in the federal government, especially State."

And where was Blumenthal working at the time Hillary was passing along highly sensitive, classified documents to him?

Uhm, yeah, you guessed it: the Clinton Foundation.

Where, presumably, he could monetize the information.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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