Friday, July 01, 2016

BOOM: Hillary Clinton to Meet With FBI Investigators Tomorrow

Possibly triggered by the highly controversial, clandestine meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, the FBI has announced that it has finally scheduled an interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her ever-expanding email scandal. Chuck Ross reports at The Daily Caller:

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Saturday with the FBI, a source close to the investigation into her private email server tells The Daily Caller.

The source went on to suggest the interview may take place at her Washington, D.C. home...

...Hundreds of now-classified documents — some of them “Top Secret” — were sent and received through Clinton’s private server, which she housed at her New York residence during her tenure at the State Department.

...FBI investigators have already interviewed several Clinton aides, including her former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. Investigators have also interviewed Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department information technology specialist who maintained Clinton’s server. The Justice Department gave Pagliano limited immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the probe.

According to Ross, prior interviews during the investigation have been conducted by FBI agents, attorneys with the DOJ's National Security Division, and prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's office in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Denise Warner said...

Those cankles are so nasty, they need to come up with another name.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which came first, the appointment with Hillary, or the Lynch and Bill gabfest?

Brian said...

Fuck. I'm glad we didn't have to pay for her by the pound- well, maybe the Clintons had to.

Anonymous said...

At this point I do not have any trust in the govt to correctly apply the law to HRC. To say that the system is rigged would be an understatement. The fascists are out and right in front of our faces and we can't do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Comey is Hitlery's Homey.
It's too bad that so late in life Comey has to learn the adage 'if you wrestle with pigs you find they like it',... but such is his fate.
Reminds me of the line from the movie: "Look at what they make you give."

clayusmcret said...

"I did not talk about Hillary with that woman, Loretta Lynch. I never told her to back off my wife, not a single time -- never." finger wagging the entire time.

H/T American Thinker

Anonymous said...

Everybody stop, take a deep breath, and remember how politicians play this game.

This move by Bill is Hillery's get outta jail free card.

It's too smooth, too pat. Bill more or less OPENLY makes sure everyone knows he's having a private meeting with Lynch. There are darn near COUNTLESS ways Bill could of done whatever he needed to through backdoors or in secret. But instead he does it in a way that guarantees publicity. And here is the absolute tell/tale, the Leftist controlled media is almost all negative with feigned indignation. They could have been indignant about any number of things Billery has said or done over the last days, weeks. months, or years.

Why this, why now?

It's Hillery's get outta jail free card. It works both ways.

FIRST, If the public DOESN'T get highly upset, Lynch can play it close to her vest and continue as she has, stretching this out until after the election and THEN declining to prosecute. If Hillery wins, problem solved. If Hillery loses, play it up as pure partisan politics with a full court media press. Weaken the new administration and turn public opinion against prosecution. Even if it fails, at worst, it buys another year or 18 months of time AND a shot at POTUS.

SECOND, If they can get the public outraged enough, a special prosecutor will be called in. Days/weeks to build pressure. Days/weeks to select a prosecutor gives them the opportunity to find one with all the appearance of impartiality but malleable because of family, business, or their past. The Special Prosecutor must build the case from the beginning. More days/weeks pass. Every document will be delayed. Every witness will be pressured to drag it out. More days/weeks pass. If the prosecutor hasn't given in by now to frustration, he'll be gifted 2 or 4 minor players to call it a success go home. Hillery stays outta jail and most importantly to her, has the chance to finish the election in relative peace.

This move is Bill's acknowledgment that Hillery is guilty (and not really very bright).

Which way is better for the country?

If Lynch doesn't send this to a special prosecutor, it will be easier to make sure this haunts her and has a negative impact on her possibility of election.

Don't let Bill play us like he did for 8 years.

Old Ez

Obat Sehat said...

hillary is the best for America

Anonymous said...

I disagree Obat Sehat.

I think letting an Indonesian influence opinion about American politics is obat yang buruk.

How about you pull the log from your countries eye before worrying with the splinter in my countries eye?

Maybe when both see clearly, it would be a better time for mutual advice.

Old Ez