Friday, July 01, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: DHS Chief: ‘No Idea’ Who Scrubbed Islam from Counterterror Materials

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DHS Chief: ‘No Idea’ Who Scrubbed Islam from Counterterror Materials: Paul Sperry
Ted Cruz Blasts Disdainful, Dismissive Jerk Jeh Johnson Over Radical Islam: Caleb Howe
No, Hillary, It Is Not Time to Move On: David Limbaugh

The Case of the Citizen Truly Stated: The Z Man
Eh, No, Thomas Jefferson was not the First President to Hold an ‘Iftar Dinner’: Publius
'Kate's Law,' Sanctuary City Legislation Gets Vote in the Senate: Cortney O'Brien

These three FEC commissioners must be removed from office: Examiner
Judge Allows Lawsuit to Probe Hillary's Secret Meetings With Donors: Ace
Zogby: Trump winning independents, middle class, Catholics, Protestants: Paul Bedard

The Left’s Different Approach To Rights That It Opposes: Jonah Goldberg
GOP Establishment Thinks The Fix Is In: Here’s How You Can Spoil Their Scam: CHQ
Wonderful: Celebrity President Might Buy Into NBA Team When His Retirement Is Official: Ace


Tax Farming: The Z Man
US Treasury Yields Hit New Record Lows: ZH
Convicted and Unemployed: John Stossel

Scandal Central

Bill Clinton up to his old tricks in meeting with Loretta Lynch: John Kass
So What Will Loretta Lynch Get?: Dick Morris
Benghazi report: It's clear Clinton put her own ambitions above fidelity to the law: Judge Nap

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Fantasy and Talking Points In Search of a Legacy for Obama: Elephants
Celebrate: We’ve Finally Hit a Climate “Tipping Point”: Eric Worrall
Senator: Navy Evaluates Commanders Based On Climate Change Views: Michael Bastasch


Your guide to knowing whether your news outlet is in the tank for Hillary: Flopping Aces
The Worst Smear Site in America: Matthew Vadum
A Banana Republic, If You Can Keep It: Shot in the Dark

Mika Rips Media Blackout on Clinton-Lynch Meeting: ‘People Too Afraid to Talk About the Truth’: LI
Levin on Benghazi Anti-Muslim Video: 'Obama Lied... Hillary Lied... They All Lied': CNS
Shocker: Open Borders WSJ Slams Trump: Eddie Scarry


‘Fast & Furious’ link: Gun used in Paris terror attack may blow up Obama’s ‘gun control’ narrative: Frieda Powers
Witness at Cruz hearing correctly accuses Muslim congressmen of terror ties, media in uproar: Robert Spencer
Terrorism Declined Last Year — But Not In The West: Andrew Flowers

Kerry: US Is Letting Boeing Sell Planes to Terror-Sponsor Iran to Further ‘Transformation’: CNS
Russia, United States blame each other for maritime incident: Reuters
Must see video: how Muslims have slowly but surely been destroying the West: BNI

A 27-Year-Old Londoner Explains Their Brexit Vote: Treehouse
Grotesque Anti-Semitism of the Labour Party: John Hinderaker
Juncker to EU Member States: We Don’t Need Your Consent!: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Clues to prehistoric times, found in blind cavefish: Prosanta Chakrabarty
How Safe Is Your Airport?: Clarion
Apple Patents Technology to remotely disable your iPhone Camera at Concerts: Hacker News


Buttons and Bows – redux: MOTUS
"Zootopia" and "Angry Birds": Steve Sailer
Mysterious Sphere UFOs Hovering Above Clouds Filmed Over East LA: Johnthomas Didymus

Image: Apple Patents Technology to remotely disable your iPhone Camera at Concerts
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Democratic senators are now trying to weaken Second, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights in their push for new gun laws. They also controversially voted in 2014 to weaken the First Amendment, specifically to let both Congress and state legislators regulate political speech. Yet even they have not yet dared to launch an attack on the freedom of the press.

But their fellow partisans on the Federal Election Commission do not scruple to take such a step. They are completely out of control; they voted, it was revealed Wednesday, to regulate the press and the editorial judgment of its members." --Washington Examiner

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That Paul Ryan has strayed so far off the reservation only means that he and his ilk don't give a damn about anything except drinking Washington's toxic water and spooning with Barry.
If you want a good example of how current gun laws have been effective, look at what terrorists are actually using. They aren't showing up with military explosives, full auto firearms, bazookas, or rpg's; hell, they don't even have good snipers. But to find a connection between F&F and the recent airport mess means something is dangerously out of whack. What ever happened to that investigation, prosecution and the prison time for those involved anyway?