Thursday, June 30, 2016

HUMA ABEDIN: Say, it looks like the State Department totally ignores FOIA requests from the peons

Earlier this week, Clinton "body woman" Huma Abedin was deposed by Judicial Watch.

Her testimony was reminiscent of other Clinton aides and cronies, who have either pled the Fifth or simply stated that they have no recollection of any criminal or improper behavior on the part of the Clintons.

With that said, Abedin's testimony -- probably inadvertently -- revealed major issues with the State Department's responses to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Put simply, it looks like they simply ignored them.

Abedin's deposition also raised questions about the State Department's practices responding to government records requests under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Abedin, a senior aide during Clinton's entire tenure there, testified under oath that she never searched or was asked to search for documents in her State Department or her private Clinton email accounts in response to requests or lawsuits under the open records law.

But a review of all requests to the State Department during that period found several asking specifically for copies of Abedin's emails on a variety of subjects, including her husband, one-time disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner.

"Did you ever search, were you ever asked to search your e-mail account in response to a FOIA request or FOIA litigation?" lawyer Ramona Cocta asked.

"I believe I said 'no,'" Abedin answered.

"Were you ever asked to search your Clinton account during your tenure at the State Department in response to a FOIA request or FOIA litigation?" Cocta asked.

"No, I was not," Abedin said.

It was not immediately clear how the State Department could have complied with such legal requests for Abedin's emails without asking Abedin to search her messages. Some federal agencies permit full-time FOIA staffers to search the inboxes of senior government officials, but many agencies expect officials to search their own accounts and no U.S. employee presumably would have had access to Abedin's personal account on Clinton's private server. Abedin said she was not aware that anyone else searched her accounts, either.

Considering this is only the Obama administration's 840th major scandal, don't look for any stories on this topic by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR or CNN.

And, once the fascistic Democrats serving on the FEC finally succeed in killing off Fox News, there really won't be any avenue for broadcasting the truth on television.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News

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