Friday, June 03, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: How EmailGate Weakened America’s National Security; Obama Sinks the U.S. Navy

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How EmailGate Weakened America’s National Security: John R. Schindler
Anchors Away -- Obama Sinks U.S. Navy: Daniel John Sobieski
Zombie time at campaign Hillary: Camille Paglia

Why Republicans Should Be Worried: Matthew Continetti
Clinton Math: The Z Man
Reconciling the Trump Phenomenon With America’s Founding Principles?: David Limbaugh

All Clinton Appearances Staged and Scripted So as Not to Confuse Grandma: JWF
Pathetic excuses and endless stonewalls: The Clintons’ version of the truth: Post
Bernistas Preparing to Soil Madam Cankles' Coronation: Diogenes

The Friend and the Foe: Sultan Knish
State Dept. on Syrian Refugees: ‘We’re Going to Bring in 10,000 This Year’: Penny Starr
Obama Taps Another Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Official to WH Role: Tiffany Gabbay


Illegal Immigration and the Wage Gap: David Lee
The Startling Truth About How Working Families Are Truly Faring: Michael Snyder
Thirteen of 23 Co-Ops Created Under Obamacare Have Failed: Ali Meyer

Scandal Central

Obama filches billions to pay for his dog's breakfast: Exam
Judge orders Obama administration to release new Clinton emails: Julian Hattem
House Speaker Demands Investigation Into Obama Admin’s Iran Deception: Adam Kredo

Climate, Energy and Regulations

How It All Works: Cold Fury
Nice Link From Megan McArdle: CoyoteBlog
DOJ fights federal judge's order for lawyers to attend ethics training: Fox


Unpatriotism at Northwestern University: Stuart Schneiderman
Oberlin College Is Decadent and Depraved: R.S. McCain
Susan Sarandon on Clinton: 'There's going to be' an indictment: Al Weaver

The Deliberate Ugliness of Feminism: R.S. McCain
PBS’s Ifill Knocks Indiana Town for Not Enthusiastically Supporting Obama; ‘What Gives?’: iOTWreport
What Do You Expect From "Dan Quayle's Brain"? The End of Bill Kristol & Right-Wing Seriousness: Nick Gillespie

Betrayed by an America-hating press: James Lewis
‘An Alphabet Squad of Weird Genders’: R.S. McCain
Left Wing Publications Slammed Chris Kyle’s Character; Now Fox News Fights Back: David McIntosh


John Kerry, the Islamic Republic’s New Lobbyist: Ari Lieberman
Cuba Secret Police Thug Tours US Naval Base: Daniel Greenfield
Somali alleged war criminal working Dulles Airport security: Ann Corcoran

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Technology That Hasn’t Been Used: Arts Mechanical
The smoking gun 'proving ancient man killed woolly mammoth 45,000 years ago': Anna Liesowska
Check out the crazy attention to detail at Apple’s new San Francisco store: Leander Kahney


Writing Our Own Rules Since 2009: MOTUS
Hillary 'triggered' suicide of President Bill Clinton's counsel Vince Foster: DailyMail
Prince died of opioid overdose: Robert King

Image: Zombie time at campaign Hillary
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QOTD: "It’s zombie time at campaign Hillary. Behold the dead men walking! It was with strangely slow, narcotized numbness that the candidate and her phalanx of minions and mouthpieces responded to last week’s punishing report by the State Department’s Inspector General about her email security lapses. Do they truly believe, in the rosy alternate universe of Hillaryland, that they can lie their way out of this? Of course, they’re relying as usual on the increasingly restive mainstream media to do their dirty work for them. If it were a Republican in the crosshairs, Hillary’s shocking refusal to meet with the Inspector General (who interviewed all four of the other living Secretaries of State of the past two decades) would have been the lead item flagged in screaming headlines from coast to coast. Let’s face it—the genuinely innocent do not do pretzel twists like this to cover their asses.

Meanwhile, former Bill Clinton advisor and pollster Douglas Schoen gave the strongest signal yet in a Wall Street Journal op-ed this week (“Clinton may not be the nominee”) that worried backstage huddles in the Democratic party establishment are reaching fever pitch. The article’s floating of the idea of a Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren substitute ticket (which I’ve been privately predicting to friends all year) is so evenly and magisterially phrased that I wondered if the text had been vetted by an approving White House." --Camille Paglia

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How is it that Barry Soetoro changed his name to Barrack Obama but no court issued an Order Granting Change of Name?
Cassius Clay and Bruce Jenner got it done right, but our own President didn't, how'd that happen?