Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Orlando and the Political Blame Game; Who Killed Conservatism?

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Orlando and the Political Blame Game: Stuart Schneiderman
Who Killed Conservatism?: The Z Man
How FBI’s Pursue-Every-Lead Policy Allowed Orlando Shooting: Trevor Anderson

Legacy of Obama’s Failed Presidency: Orlando: Tammy Bruce
Analysts: Orlando Attack a Failure of Obama’s ‘Politically Correct’ Policy: Bill Gertz
NRA: Democrats Should Try Blaming Terrorists For Terrorism: Bob Owens

Florida: America’s Jihad Playground: Michelle Malkin
Orlando shooting reaction has the feel of eternal recurrence: Jonah Goldberg
There Seems to Be a Muslim Issue at DHS: Washington Standard

DNC Hacked by Russians, Who Also Plan to Release Hillary’s Secret Emails: JWF
Has FBI Director Comey Waited Too Long on Clinton Scandals?: Roger Aronoff
Eight-term GOP congressman loses primary: Anna Giaritelli


Money Going to Washington: Walter Williams
Keynesian Triumph: Americans Are Broke: William Anderson
My Lunch with Hillary: John Stossel

Scandal Central

FBI’s Probe Of Clinton Email Server Is A ‘Criminal Investigation,’ Judge Says: Chuck Ross
DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties: Philip Haney (2/5/16)
TSA “Addresses” a “Problem”: WeaponsMan

DHS Secretary: Right-Wingers Pose Same Threat As Islamic Extremists: Peter Hasson
Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of "homeland security": Rebecca Shabad
American Medical Association says gun violence is a public health crisis: Dan Mangan


A Message from the pResident: David DeGerolamo
Complete post of FBI Terrorist Watchlist Pamphlets: Shades of Thomas Paine
Hillary Clinton’s social media manager to NRA: ‘F*** off’: Douglas Ernst

Fishwrap: Confidence in newspapers, TV news hits bottom: Paul Bedard
Levin Unloads on Obama for Response to Orlando Massacre: Scoop
Sec. Carter: Soldier killed in Orlando reminds us of mission to fight terrorism: Anna Giaritelli

New York Times quietly backs away from story on Orlando terrorist’s weapon: Brian Maloney
Hillary-supporting website selling severed Trump head T-shirts: Brian Maloney
Finally, emotion: Obama far angrier with Trump than Islamic terrorists: Alex Seitz-Wald


Guns Don’t Kill, European-Style Immigration Policies Do: Daniel Horowitz
The Mind of the President, Still a Mystery After All These Years: Elephant
Hamas' innovative way to eradicate poverty: Matzav

The Left Speaks With a Single Voice: Don’t Fight Back, It’s Exactly What ISIS Wants!: Elephant
Clinton Foundation Takes $25.5M from Countries that Kill, Imprison Gays: Alatheia Nielsen
A Month of Islam in Britain: May 2016: Soeren Kern

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Europe Is About To Create A Link Tax: Time To Speak Out Against It: TechDirt
Building a Chart Component with Angular 2 and FusionCharts: Rohit Boggarapu
This startup may have built the world's fastest networking switch chip: Stephen Lawson


3 No-Cook Meals For When Turning On The Stove Is Entirely Too Much: Refinery29
Comedic Interlude: Why It's Time to Repeal the Second Amendment: David S. Cohen, If That Is His Real Name
Hillary Laugh Riot: MB

Image: Investigators Turn Focus to Omar Mateen's Wife, Criminal Charges Possible, Officials Say
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QOTD: "The FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server is “criminal” in nature, U.S. District Court judge Emmet Sullivan said in a court filing on Tuesday.

Sullivan was responding to a plea from attorneys for former State Department information technology specialist Bryan Pagliano who asked that details of an immunity deal he made with the FBI to discuss Clinton’s server be kept secret." --Chuck Ross


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African Americans For Trump - Diamond and Silk Speak at Donald Trump Rally in Greensboro, NC

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Russia to Release Clinton Server E-mails