Monday, June 20, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: 10 More Examples of Google Gaming Search Results to Benefit Hillary; Trump's Right on Profiling

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10 More Examples of Google Gaming Search Results to Benefit Hillary Clinton: WFB
AG Lynch: I've Never Discussed Hillary Email Probe With Obama: Derek Draplin
Fighting Islamist Terror after Orlando: Gregg Roman

Trump Is Right on Profiling: Roger L. Simon
Two Stunning Graphs About The State Of The 2016 Campaign: OTB
Hillary faces serious, even legal, potholes on road to presidency: R. Michael Warren

Obama DOJ to Edit Terrorist's Phone Transcripts; Delete References to ISIS: Jim Hoft
Is Trump the Devil We Know?: KausFiles
Why They Hate Us: Derek Hunter

Just One Week After Orlando Massacre, Online Gun Store Sells 30,000 AR-15s: RWN
Why Can’t We Stop Terror?: Star Parker
5 Ways Innocent Americans Can End Up on Obama’s Secret Gun Control List: Joe Perticone


Feds Strong-arm the State of Texas into Taking Syrian Refugees: Bruce Cornibe
Father’s Day in the Ghetto: The Z Man
Report: IRS Spent $11 Million On Guns, Ammo In The Past 10 Years: Thomas Phippen

Scandal Central

Hillary, DNC conspired to engineer media blackout of Bernie Sanders: Nathan Francis
Forget Party Unity: New DNC Email Leak Means No Going Back For Sanders’ Democrats: Walker Bragman
Where was Harold Koh, Part II?: Paul Mirengoff

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Antarctic Has Been Warmer Than Now For Most Of The Last 8000 Years: Paul Homewood
Obama Helicopters into Yosemite to Demand an End to Climate “Lip Service”: Eric Worrall
How dare Exxon defend itself?!: Charles P. Pierce, Esquire


A Day in Stupid at the Washington Post: Flopping Aces
How The DNC—And Media—Conned Us Into Clinton: Jordan Chariton, Mediate
Knockout Game Alive and Well: MB

Vox explainer on the AR-15 goes about as well as you’d expect: Twitchy
Can We Have A Do-Over With The Mainstream Media?: Elephant
How Sayeeda Warsi duped The Times: Steerpike


France to Shut Down Up to 160 Mosques: Israpundit
Is America For You, Muslims?: John Ruberry
U.S. and Russian Jets Clash Over Syria: David Axe

ISIS sends a warning to the United States: Matzav
Trump Was Right and His Opponents Have No Plan to Protect the US: Robert Spencer
Orlando Terrorist Toured Saudi Arabia On NYU-Sponsored Trip With 12 Muslim NYPD In 2012: WZ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ars Technica co-founder takes a scientific look at AR-15’s popularity: Taylor Millard
You can't ask customers want they want: Seth Godin
Exercising Hours After Learning Improves Memory Recall: Zye Angiwan


What is it like to fire a Daisy BB gun?: Cube
Todaze 0-2 Pitch: Sondrakistan
Democrats Agenda On Shootings and Gun Control Destroyed [Meme]: Katie McGuire

Image: Cavaliers slog through doubt and come out the other side with a title
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QOTD: "...fifty-one State Department officials, all of whom are or were advisors on the State Department’s policy on Syria, authored a “dissent channel cable” (State’s grandiose term for an email) petitioning for military strikes against Bashar Assad’s government and urging regime change in Damascus as the only way to defeat the ISIS terrorist network.

The petition, in part, says, “Failure to stem Assad’s flagrant abuses will only bolster the ideological appeal of groups such as Daesh [ISIS], even as they endure tactical setbacks on the battlefield.”

There is no modern equivalent to that petition. One can only imagine such events. The Harvard faculty could endorse Donald Trump. Al Gore could admit that global warming is a hoax. Or Hillary Clinton could confess to the federal crime of intentionally mishandling top secret information. Nothing else would come close.

Can it be that, after nearly eight years of gladly helping sell America’s national security down the river that a few of the State Department’s bureaucrats have seen the error of Obama’s, Kerry’s, and Clinton’s ways? That’s one way to read it." --Jed Babbin

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