Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Superdelegates Must ‘Temper The Raging Masses’; Defiant Sanders vows to take the fight to Dem convention

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Clinton Surrogate: Superdelegates Intended To ‘Temper The Raging Masses’: Chuck Ross
Trump: The time for a little gravitas is now: Roger L. Simon
Defiant Sanders vows to take the fight to the Democratic convention: Anna Giaritelli

Silencing America as it prepares for war: John Pilger
Trump can't help Ellmers keep House seat: Robert King
Levin: We've Been Played for Fools for Months Now: Scoop

Trump Is Right: The Shame of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell: Jeffrey Lord
The Left's Mobocracy: Ben Shapiro
Hey Bernie, I left Venezuela's socialism behind for a reason: Erik Brimen

Obama Commutes Sentences of More Violent Criminals: Daniel Horowitz
Caught on Camera: Teachers Union Officials Advise Fraud to Cover up Child Abuse: Veritas
The Donald & The La Raza Judge: Taki's Mag


Elitist Arrogance, Part II: Walter Williams
Amtrak’s lounge car complaints are the ██████ of the ██████: JPat Brown
Cleveland Mayor, Council lead call against $15 min wage proposal: Leila Atassi

Scandal Central

Read the Full IRS “Enemies List”: Brian Sikma
If You Share Undercover Exposés of Planned Parenthood, You Could End Up in a California Jail: Sara Noble
The Witch-hunt May Soon Be Over: Trey Gowdy Found Her.: Nancy Hayes

Kerry may blow off House testimony on video edits: Pete Kasperowicz
Clinton Tech Aide Asks Court to Withhold Details of FBI Immunity Deal: Alana Goodman
State Dept.: 75-year wait for FOIA request not 'outlandish': Pete Kasperowicz

Climate, Energy and Regulations

“Tesla would be out of business in a month without government intervention”: Ezra Levant


Bias Alert: Media Crown Hillary Victor, Then Ask How It Feels: IBD
Look at these freaks arrested in San Jose for anti-Trump violence: FAM
Hillary Clinton Caught Colluding With AP to Announce Delegate Win Before California: Jim Hoft

An Ode to Daniel Greenfield’s Sultan Knish Blog: Ann-Marie Murrell, Politichicks
New Pro-Trump PAC Releases Brutal Anti-Hillary Ad: LI
Boston Globe Investigation: 30% of Released Criminal Aliens Commit New Crimes: NUSA


Ramadan: Month of Jihad: Robert Spencer
Islamic State brutally executes 4 men in response to slaying by ‘Angel of Death’: Thomas Joscelyn
Migrants linked to 69,000 crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016: Michelle Martin, Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

OHP Uses New Device To Seize Money Used During The Commission Of A Crime: Aaron Brilbeck
How the "World's Least-Famous Scientists" Are Making the Economy Tick With A.I.: Jacqueline Ronson
The unsexiest trillion-dollar startup: Josh Constine


Measuring Life By the Spoonful: Michelle Malkin
#NeverHillary: Because Experience Matters: MOTUS
The hilarious cat myth story the internet is buzzing about: Chris Smith

Image: Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested
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QOTD: "Another Ramadan is upon us, and no less an authority on Islam than Barack Hussein Obama has assured us that “for many, this month is an opportunity to focus on reflection and spiritual growth, forgiveness, patience and resilience, compassion for those less fortunate, and unity across communities.” Meanwhile, a Muslim whom Obama would disparage as a “violent extremist” who has hijacked the religion of peace, Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, called on Muslims to use this Ramadan to “get prepared, be ready … to make it a month of calamity everywhere for nonbelievers…especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.”

Ramadan 2016 began with the news that a group of Muslims in Jordan were so filled with pious fervor that they murdered five Jordanian intelligence officers in an attack on a security office. The perpetrators may have been acting upon the understanding of Ramadan that a jihad group enunciated back in 2012: “The month of Ramadan is a month of holy war and death for Allah. It is a month for fighting the enemies of Allah and God’s messenger, the Jews and their American facilitators. One of our groups aided by Allah managed to bomb a bus full of Jewish tourists, plunderers of holy lands, after careful tracking. The holy war is not confined to a particular arena and we shall fight the Jews and the Americans until they leave the land of Islam.”

So which is it? Is Ramadan a time to “an opportunity to focus on reflection and spiritual growth, forgiveness, patience and resilience, compassion for those less fortunate, and unity across communities,” or is it “a month of calamity everywhere for nonbelievers”?" --Robert Spencer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So how is it we have arrived at a Democrat Candidate who has transformed herself into an angel of light? I suspect it is because America has lost its discernment and the will to resist evil. Then of course, Crooked Hillary has dirt on the key players, and all the rest want to keep working on the Obama Plantation.
Back in the days of J Edgar, cross dressing was innocuous and overlooked, but it is a shame now that it keeps a man from doing the job justice requires. In the end, the presumptive nomination of a stained old Clymer signals that America is no longer a shining city on a hill but rather a ghetto, a pawn, a reward to the highest bidder because its People want free stuff. If they pull this off, the cost of restoration will increase until the expiration date is finally passed, then they will tell us that there is an upside to rotten.