Saturday, June 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: 15% of refugees are ISIS; ABC News report blows apart Obama’s ‘Lone Wolf’ theory on Orlando terrorist

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Shaffer: 15% of refugees are ISIS: Larry O'Connor
ABC blows apart Obama’s 'Lone Wolf' theory on Orlando terrorist: Larry O'Connor
Missouri: DMV Allows Personalized ‘JIHAD’ License Plate for Muslims: Creeping

Dear Gay Rights Advocates: You’re Welcome. Signed, Christians.: Dean Esmay
The War Against Guns: Stuart Schneiderman
Crisis Actor Ads in Vermont?: Reddit

I Am Innocent: Black Man With a Gun
Lawmakers fume after VA ditches power to fire employees: Joel Gehrke
Tim Canova: The Insurgent Democrat Everyone Knows: AR2

Obama on Pace to Issue a Million Green Cards to Muslim "Migrants": Caroline May
No, CAIR Doesn't Like Homosexuals: Gregg Roman
Insane: Just 29% Of Democrats Say Orlando Was An Islamic Terror Attack: IBD


The Velvet Glove: David Galland
Cleveland business owners: $15 minimum wage would destroy us: Leila Atassi
Brazil's Rio State Declares Financial Disaster Less Than 2 Months Before Olympics: AP

Scandal Central

DHS Security Advisor Laila Alawa Openly Hates America, Praised 9/11: MB
The Coming Constitutional Crisis Over Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate: John R. Schindler
Could Clinton Really Be Blackmailed By Vladimir Putin Over Hacked Emails?: Inquisitr

Top secret clearance for sale, call and ask for Hillary: Examiner
Wikileaks Looks to Bring Down Clinton: Alicia Hesse
Four Lies The Media Has Been Telling You Since The Orlando Attack: Caleb Howe

Climate, Energy and Regulations

How Uncle Sam Became Uncle Tyrant -- If Washington Wants To 'Get' You, It Now Can: Steve Forbes


Hillary called disabled kids 'f***ing ree-tards', Jews 'stupid k***s'; Bill called Jesse Jackson a 'damned n****r': DailyMail
Vox Writer: President Should Unilaterally Ban Everyone From Buying Guns: Alex Griswold
Black Lives Matter Moonbats Attempt to Hijack Orlando Vigil: MB

Watch This Amazing Rant Against Politicians Calling for Gun Control: Jenn Jacques
Why Not Admit the Obvious?: Jeffrey T. Brown
Scott Baio Wonders If Obama Is a Muslim Who Wants to ‘Eliminate’ the Country: Josh Feldman

Could This Be Proof Omar Mateen’s Brother Knew Of Terror Plot?: David McIntosh
Man Hit in Back in Orlando Shooting Played Dead to Survive: Jason Dearen
Liberal Chicago columnist disappointed gun shop won't sell him AR-15: Marathon


Why Liberals Support Muslims Who Hate Everything They Stand For: John Hawkins
Exclusive: Orlando Terrorist Signed Over Home To Brother-in-Law Just Before Attacks: Paul Sperry
Army plans to cut 40,000 troops: Tom Vanden Brook

By Rejecting ‘Radical Islam’ Obama Rejects Reality: David Harsanyi
Brexit Causes Elites Angst — But Britain May Leave EU Anyway: Michael Barone
Qatar: Yemeni Muslim Arrested for Smuggling 27 Pounds (12 Kilos) of Bacon in His Anal Cavity: Sharia Unveiled

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

ICYMI: NASA is studying how fire acts in space: Kerry Davis
Google Fiber now forces subscribers into binding arbitration; days left to opt out: Cory Doctorow
The newly-discovered X boson could rewrite the Standard Model. But only if it actually exists: Wired


Go Ahead: Make My Day: MOTUS
Report: Bill Clinton infected over 20,000 Canadians with Hepatitis C & HIV: Robert Morrow
Liberals Demand We Accept...:

Image: Hillary called disabled kids 'f***ing ree-tards', Jews 'stupid k***s'; Bill called Jesse Jackson a 'damned n****r'
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QOTD: "I got the percentage from one of my sources. We’re talking about, right now, in the refugee stream, between 15-17% of individuals coming through the refugee stream are ISIS. Add to that the layer of the fact that we can’t really screen these folks." --Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer


Roy Lofquist said...

Only 29% of Democrats think that Orlando was a terrorist attack. I guess that puts a hard cap on how many are going to vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

And, the desire to investigate guns as a "disease" is back.

Trump should offer up a compromise where Islam is researched as a disease instead of guns. It seems to fit. The condition is dangerous and often fatal, communicable, and has infectious centers (or tumours) known as mosques.

Clearing plague hot spots / curing cancer is permissible under the Constitution.... Right ????


commoncents said...

Full Video - Sean Hannity 6.17.16: Jihad in America | Radical Islam, Trump Muslim Ban

Anonymous said...

My SO and I drove to Portland this weekend and discussed many things, one of which was an employee who was deciding on "gender neutral names" for their unborn child. It looks like this is the new wave, and it is appropriate for the Snoflake Generation.
We struggled to arrive at a descriptor for the decision that has empowered freaks to visit girl's rest rooms and settled on the word "Indecorous" as embracing the elements that will find me confronting any and all of an opposite sex who wish to change clothes next to my BFF. The word "sex" is an apt one for chromosomes, the word "gender" is appropriate only for language.
And that Barry refuses to call out his fellow Muslim travelers as terrorists makes me wonder about a new TV Quiz Show featuring Barry, Mooch, and Mrs. Robinson choosing alternate names for every key aggressor in Military history, reel the tape, drop the monikers - - - but alas, I see there already is such a game: