Saturday, June 04, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: If You Are #NeverTrump Then You Are #4Hillary; Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose

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Sorry Friends, If You Are #NeverTrump Then You Are #4Hillary: Richard A. Viguerie
Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose: John Hinderaker
Hey media, these anti-Trump goons are not 'protesters'--They're violent racists: CainTV

Clinton Posted Names of Hidden Intelligence Agents On Her Email: Patrick Howley
Judge Overseeing Trump U. Case is a Member of LaRaza, "The Master Race": Sara Noble
Clinton Aide Deposition Exposes Hillary As Terribly 'Incompetent': 90 Miles

Democrat Criminals and Foreign Terror Squads Attack American Citizens: Ace
Sanctuary City San Jose's Climate of Hate and Violence: Michelle Malkin
A Conversation That Sort of Took Place Today: Ace

Benghazi survivor: Hillary Clinton has ‘no soul’: Neil Vigdor
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a tight race in California: Cathleen Decker
Bad sign: Republicans release signed documents from Clinton aides:

How The American Left Made Political Violence The New Normal: Ben Shapiro
How Islamic terrorists infiltrate U.S. airport security: Leo Hohmann
Judge Demands Clinton Aide Reveal Details of Immunity Agreement with Feds: Rachel Stockman


Hidden Spending: Jeffrey H. Anderson
DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Away from Border: JW
Why so many Republicans are so angry at Republican leaders: BNI

Scandal Central

How the Clintons Earned Millions Via Fraudulent, Government-Funded University Program: DC Whispers
Top Hillary aide suffers memory loss in deposition: Jerome R. Corsi
Judge Orders The Release Of More Emails From Hillary's Private Server: Inquisitr

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Obama Regulators Lose Case to Apply Future Laws to the Past: Jim Swift
Thanks, EPA and Army Corps of Engineers: Farmers are a newly endangered species: Jody Gallaway
Utah Sheriffs Threaten To Arrest Rangers If They Try To Close Public Lands: Kirk Siegler


Left-Wing Editor Is Explicitly Calling For More Riots At Trump Events: Hannity
Vox Sponsors Silent After Editor Backs Violence Against Trump: Adam Kredo
KVOA sports anchor Paul Cicala defends Clinton thugs, deletes Twitter account: FAM

Criminals Are Heading to Gun-Friendly Vermont to Trade Heroin for Firearms. Or Not.: Robert Farago
When Violence Roams the Streets, Intellectuals Quaver in the Shadows: Ace
Jake Tapper: Public Has Right to Know Who in State Department Lied to Them: Ace

When Heroes Are Villains: Gavin McInnes
Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours: Stephanie Bodoni
Madeleine Albright Downplays Clinton Controversy: ‘Nobody Is Gonna Die’: Jon Street


Admiral Warns: Russian Subs Waging Cold War-Style ‘Battle of the Atlantic’: Sam LaGrone
US military eyes 'extremist Islamic movement' in Latin America: Kristina Wong
Islam training manual used in prisons includes a section on waging a holy war: DailyMail

White House accused of selective editing on Iran: Anna Giaritelli
ISIS Collapses Opposition Frontline in Northern Aleppo Province: Chris Kozak
Former defense official: Clinton is the real 'danger': Anna Giaritelli

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

It begins: Facebook deletes page of critic of Muslim migrant invasion: Robert Spencer
The Evolution Of Jet Fighters Takes A Giant Leap With 'Fifth Generation' Planes: Loren Thompson
A Week On The Wrist The Breitling Exospace B55 Connected: Jason Heaton


Is the CIA getting ready to dump the Clintons?: Jon Rappoport
Muhammad Ali 'on life support' with his family at his bedside: DailyMail
Is This Chelsea Clinton's Real Father?: Ashley Feinberg

Image: Benghazi survivor: Hillary Clinton has ‘no soul’
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QOTD: "If you’re [Hillary] Clinton, and you conduct a great deal of business via your private email, you’re showing foreign spies virtually everything about you that’s worth knowing. From her emails, intelligence agencies—including some that are anything but friendly to us—would be well acquainted with her talking points before important meetings with foreign diplomats, her thoughts about coming trade deals, plus her take on a myriad of crises worldwide.

Not to mention that if Clinton was doing anything shady—for instance, illegal activities such as pay-for-play schemes while she was at Foggy Bottom—our enemies know all about that. It’s safe to say that Moscow, Beijing and Tehran know a lot more about Hillary Clinton than the American public does. Needless to add, any illegalities would render Ms. Clinton subject to potential blackmail—an alarming prospect for someone standing a good shot at being our next commander-in-chief.

I know how this secret world works because I spent nearly a decade with the National Security Agency, including serving as technical director of NSA’s largest operational division, and I got a good look at how our adversaries spy on America’s top officials. Additionally, I was involved in spying on Ms. Clinton’s foreign counterparts.

Listening in to the communications of any foreign minister, particularly from a country that’s not friendly to the United States, constitutes an intelligence goldmine." --John R. Schindler

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