Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Clinton Upending California Campaign Schedule as Sanders Closes In; Trump Shifting Electoral Map

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Clinton Upending California Campaign Schedule as Sanders Closes In: David Rutz
Polls: Donald Trump Is Shifting the 2016 Electoral Map : Mike Flynn
Dark clouds gather over Hillary Clinton: Paul Mirengoff

Trump adviser Sessions calls for refugee safe zone: Anna Giaritelli
Second Amendment takes another hit from D.C. Court of Appeals: David Leach
Trump States the Obvious about the Press: Roger L. Simon

The Trump-Clinton Race Is Not As Close As It Looks: Charlie Cook
Hillary Won't Stop at Just Disarming Veterans: GOA
Cleveland police in riot gear won't wear body cameras during RNC: Cory Shaffer

Chicago’s Invisible Shooters Wreak Havoc: Justin Glawe
Elitist Arrogance: Walter Williams
Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization: Dennis Prager


How the Kleptocrats’ $12 Trillion Heist Impoverishes Much of the World: David Cay Johnston
The $16 Billion Tax-Credit Black Hole: Michelle Malkin
UnitedHealth To Exit California’s Obamacare Market: ACC

Scandal Central

Hillary’s Crooked Defense: William McGurn
Hillary Won’t Say How Much Cash Her Son-in-Law Got From Goldman Sachs: ProgsToday
Senate report slams VA watchdog for 'systemic' failures in probe of Wisconsin hospital: Fox

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Taught Not to Try: John Stossel


LIberal media sh*ts, falls back in it—again: Cold Fury
CNN's Jake Tapper Asks Clinton Why She Hasn't Held A Press Conference In "Five Or Six Months": Tim Hains
50% Say Clinton Should Keep Running Even If Indicted: Rasmussen

Some Jew-baiting is more equal than others to the media: David Gerstman
Shady accounting underpins Trump’s wealth: Ben White, Politico
Bill Kristol is an Idiot: Bloomberg

Notes From a Neo-Nazi Cuckservative: Ben Shapiro
MSNBC Focus Group Blasts Hillary Clinton on Emails: Spencer Irvine
NY Times Is Super Enthused For Massive Gun Registration Schemes: William Teach


Obama, in Japan, can't help but apologize: Peter Lucas
Revealed: How the U.S. Navy Would Destroy a Chinese Aircraft Carrier: James Holmes
Report: ISIS Killing Own Fighters in Fallujah Onslaught: Clarion

German Prof Axed: Had Class Calculate Statistical Relationship Between Muslims, Suicide Bombings: Jim Hoft
Sweden: Less than 500 of more than 163,000 Muslim "refugees" found a job in 2015: BNI
Huge gender shift in Sweden caused by masses of Muslim male "refugees": BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Madman as Painter: Theodore Dalrymple
How Vice, Buzzfeed, and Cheezburger use data to get a competitive edge: Allie VanNest
Web Publishers Need to Address Reasons Why Readers Install Ad Blockers: Wayne Rash


You Just Can’t Make Some People Happy: MOTUS
Altered state: Border redraw moves 19 homes in the Carolinas: Jeffrey Collins and Gary D. Robertson
Turnabout is Fair Play: GoV

Image: U.N Warns 20,000 Children Are Trapped in Fallujah as Iraq Battles to Oust ISIS
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QOTD: "Bible-based religions affirm a morally judging God. For the Left, that is anathema. For the Left, the only judging allowed is Leftist judging of others. No one judges the Left. Neither man nor God." --Dennis Prager


Anonymous said...

I left off listening to Prager some time ago because he is too PC to simply speak the truth. Here quoted, it is not that the Left is Godless, it is that they are Rebellious. It is not the thought of "Bible based religions" for God is moral and He does judge - the issue at hand is a Left that has a different world view. To appeal to a religious concept to make one indignant avoids the question: what shall be done about this?

commoncents said...

Viral Video - Latinos For Donald Trump