Monday, June 06, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary's Psycho World; Bitter Clingers Hang On; The Goon Squad

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Hillary's Psycho World: Stuart Schneiderman
Bitter Clingers Hang On: Dr. Robert Owens
Hillary’s Goon Squad: Derek Hunter

Police Chief Who Allowed Attacks on Trump Supporters Linked to La Raza: Jim Hoft
Why would Trump endorse fanatical open-borders RINO Renee Ellmers?: Daniel Horowitz
San Jose Mayor, Police Issue New Statements on Trump Rally Violence: Josh Koehn

A Russian Warning: Club Orlov
What Is Hillary Hiding?: Michael Ledeen
Hillary Refuses Say Right to Bear Arms Is a 'Constitutional Right': Pam Key

Hillary is cheating her way to the Democrat nomination: Kyle Smith
Prospective VP Newt Gingrich: Trump's attacks on judge “inexcusable”: Hot Air
Former attorney general: Trump right to question judge’s fairness: Mark Hensch


The Secret History: Obama Is a Nincompoop: Andrew Klavan
Go figure: It looks like Rep. Joe Wilson was right after all: Doug Powers
Globalization in Retreat: Robert Samuelson

Scandal Central

Scandal #1: Arts Mechanical
Did the FBI contact Clinton? Hillary dodges question : DailyMail
Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested: Maria Sacchetti

Climate, Energy and Regulations

The next “green” plan: Have the feds seize coal plants and shut them down: Jazz Shaw
How the Left Is Destroying Science: Bruce Walker
CNBC breaks with the climate disaster narrative of MSM: Anthony Watts


America’s Biggest Losers: The Right’s Commentariat: Clarice Feldman
I'm Endorsing Hillary Because I Don't Want to Be Killed: Scott Adams
Butterflies Aren't Free—Publishing a Book in the Age of Trump: Roger L. Simon

Stand And Deliver (Confronting Leftist Banditry): American Rattlesnake
Why is Rahm letting Chicago’s murder crisis go to waste?: John Ruberry
Sanders on CNN: Clinton Foundation a "Conflict of Interest": Chuck Ross


Liberating Our Jerusalem: Daniel Greenfield
Düsseldorf terror plot ‘bigger than previously realized’:
In Landslide Vote, Swiss Reject Proposal To Hand Out Free Money To Everyone: ZH

Gitmo: Obama Rushing to Free Hard-Core Terrorists Before Time Expires: Kathleen Hennessey and Ben Fox
Obama Appoints Grandson of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader as Gov’t Liaison to Muslims: Creeping
When Mexicans Feared American Immigration: Karl Jacoby

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Surprisingly efficient snail brains could help make robots smarter: Mat Smith
Robot Moth Is Learning to Fly Like A Real Moth: Gerrit Coetzee
Wynd takes portable approach to air purification: Nick Lavars


High School Boy Wins All-State Honors In Girls Track And Field: Pete Hasson
“I Don’t Stop When I’m Tired, I Stop When I’m Done.”: MOTUS
Obama Collaborates with Madness: Jan LaRue

Image: San Jose Police Chief Who Allowed Attacks on Trump Supporters Linked to La Raza
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QOTD: "If [Republican elites had] stood up to the Democrats -- harnessing some of that GOP grassroots anger they knew was out there! — they could eventually have cut a different sort of deal, one that guaranteed enforcement as a precondition for any discussion of legalization, but that did offer eventual legalization to immigration-oriented Latino voters. Why didn’t they do that? ** Answer: Because Amnesty First reform wasn’t just a practical sop to an ethnic voting bloc. It’s what the GOP business elite actually wanted -- i.e., a steady flow of eager, wage-restraining workers for the foreseeable future.*** Maybe this is also the reason why the allegedly hard-nosed elite actually believed all the polls ginned up by Latino activist groups (most prominently an outfit called Latino Decisions) designed to show that they really had to cave on immigration fast or else their party was doomed." --Mickey Kaus


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure what to think about "a Russian warning" so I asked a friend, a retired LtC and this was his reply:
"Agree that there is no reason why the US and Russia cannot be friends. But, having seen Russian built weapons and given the fact that we still have enough nukes to keep Russia glowing for a thousand years I seriously do not fear Russia. The doctrine of mutually assured destruction MAD is as valid today as it was during the first Cold War.
Our worry is and should be the Islamic threat. Those crazy bastards don't care if they die."

Anonymous said...

Can't forget Pilger's remarks: