Thursday, June 02, 2016

"FAILED AND DANGEROUS": Hillary Clinton Ironically Describes Her Own Foreign Policy Disasters

By ARsquared

When Hillary Clinton highlights what a dangerous and failed foreign policy looks like today, she might as well just talk about her failed record with President Obama.

Any examination of her four years as Secretary of State would illustrate how her disastrous leadership made our country less safe at home and more unstable abroad. She failed before as America’s top diplomat and her failure then makes her disqualified to be president now.

Just look at her dangerous decision-making when it comes to Russia and it’s clear that she can never be trusted to make foreign policy decisions on behalf of the United States again:

Her repeated failures in dealing with such an important geopolitical player is emblematic of her failures as a whole. Whether it was her strong support of intervening in Libya or how her State Department dropped the ball on Boko Haram’s continued expansion, she has no business trying to tout her foreign policy credentials because they do not exist.

On issue after issue, Hillary Clinton made the wrong decision on behalf of America’s foreign policy. If she wants to talk about dangerous, risky and failed foreign policy, all she has to do is look in the mirror.

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