Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Persistence Of Washington Delusion; Obama Caused Orlando

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The Persistence Of Washington Delusion: Ben Domenech
Obama Caused Orlando: Sultan Knish
What’s really behind the ongoing push for gun control?: Bob Livingston

The Nature of the Cult: The Z Man
The Fraud Goes On: Thomas Sowell
Border sheriff: It's like Afghanistan: Paul Bedard

Democrat Party Hate Kills: John Hinderaker
CAIR Marking Americans for Murder with ‘Islamophobia’ List, Say Critics: Creeping
ISIS Hackers Release Kill List of 4,000: Clarion

Meet the Communists on the Dems Platform Drafting Committee: Trevor Loudon
UN Working With Islamists To Resettle 15,000+ Syrian Refugees In America: Investors
Secret Service Agent's Expose Of Hillary Set To Rock 2016 Campaign: Matthew Boyle


Liz Warren — once paid $400k to teach single class — calls Trump ‘greedy’: Kyle Olson
One Resort Understands The Meaning Of Economic Jihad: Brent Smith
Say, who not stop providing protection for Valerie Jarrett who no right to a Secret Service detail?: WZ

Scandal Central

Shocker: Even More Clinton Work-Related Emails Released Which She, Get This, Deleted: Ace
Gowdy: State Dept. withholding Benghazi documents 'for the sake of convenience': Sarah Westwood
White House spars with Benghazi panel: Jessie Hellmann

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Michael Mann, scientist: Data ‘increasingly unnecessary’ because ‘we can see climate change’: Valerie Richardson
Volkswagen to Face $15 Billion Tab in U.S. Settlement: John Lippert


The Sore Loser British Elites: Stuart Schneiderman
Democrats Stumped as #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet: Sam Wenkert
Here's Why The New Polls Showing Donald Trump Trailing Hillary Are Flawed: Hannity

Stephen Miller: Clinton a Corrupt ‘Economic Globalist’ Who Enriches Herself by ‘Selling Out America’: John Hayward
Book: Bill Clinton aide gave him sex for Christmas — for 30 years: Kyle Olson
Chart: How Democrats and Republicans See Their Neighbors: Pew


Hezbollah Says It Gets All Its Money From Iran (Thank You Obama, Clinton, And Kerry): Jeff Dunetz
When Hate is Promoted by Religious Leaders, Why Blame the Followers?: Raheel Raza
Pope Francis Conflates Jihad with Jesus’ Great Commission: Immanuel Al-Manteeqi

Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats all over Europe: Josh Rogin
Britain To EU: Good Riddance: Cal Thomas
Cuban immigrants land armed with guns and machetes on a Miami beach: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Drugs and Thugs: William C. Triplett II
A lawsuit over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade just cost Microsoft $10,000: Ian Paul
An Introduction To Redux: Alex Bachuk


8 Factors That Are Destroying Healthy Relationships Between Men And Women: Corey Savage
The DEA’s cringeworthy guide to ‘00s rave culture: JPat Brown, MuckRock
No Comment Required: MOTUS

Image: Democrat Party Hate Kills
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "It’s not politically correct to say it, but most homicides are gang bangers killing other gang bangers, gang bangers killing people standing near their gang banger targets or gang bangers killing people they’ve targeted for crime. Your chance of dying from a gunshot if you are not a gang banger or not committing suicide is 0.0005417721518987342 percent. The media won’t tell you that." --

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