Sunday, June 05, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: How to Make Sure There’s Another Kate Steinle; Donald Trump and Lima Beans

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How to Make Sure There’s Another Kate Steinle: Debra Saunders
Donald Trump and Lima Beans: Liberty Speaks
Riots and Liberals: D.C. McCallister

Lady Who Lives Behind Big “Wall” Complains People Shouldn’t Build Walls: William Teach
An Eye Witness Report from the 6-2-2016 Trump Rally in San Jose: Trent Telenko
AP: Do-Nothing San Jose Police Hammered for Allowing Thug Riot: Breitbart

WaPo: McAuliffe restored voting rights to felons still in prison: Ed Morrissey
Hillary wins anti-gun endorsements, wears color of gun control, orange: Paul Bedard
Pics: Black Muslim Chases, Tackles White Trump Supporter After San Jose Rally: Creeping

Sick Hillary’s coughing fit returns: Olaf Ekberg
Michelle Obama: “I Wake Up Each Day in a House Built by Slaves”: Melissa Dykes
Trump backs Ellmers in first congressional endorsement: Elena Schneider


Dems discover economic crisis, six years after GOP rode it to victory: Paul Bedard
Is anyone else freaked out about the future?: George Deeb
EBT Aerobics: MB

Scandal Central

The Benghazi Cover Up: Lee Stranahan
Congressman: Obama Withholding Info About 86,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens: Adam Kredo
Hillary on the ropes: Times

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Bill Nye, the Science Fraud: Vote against the 'deniers': Daniel Chaitin


Don’t Let Hillary And Bernie Supporters See These Videos From Hispanics And Asians: Shoebat
Now everyone is a gorilla expert: Donald Sensing
Obama Marks Death Of Muhammad Ali With Picture Of…Barack Obama: WZ

The Graduation of Michelle Obama: MOTUS
Salon Editors: We Should Have Let The Axis Win: DuffelBlog
VFW blasts Obama for asserting members are confused by right-wing media: Dave Boyer


Obama's Refugee Policy: Yes to Potential Terrorists, No to Victims of Genocide: Raymond Ibrahim
Palestinian and Syrian Muslims Buy Honduran ID’s to Get into U.S.: Creeping
By the way, Syrian refugees almost sunk Sweden’s welfare state: Matt Vespa

No Refuge for the Victims of Jihadist Genocide: Joseph Klein
The French Appetite for Appeasement: George Igler
Exclusive: U.S. falters in campaign to revive Iraqi army, officials say: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Will the U.S. Air Force be Totally Obsolete by 2030?: Dave Majumdar
Technology With The Potential To Shape Reality: Randy Johnson
Facial Recognition Software Spells The End Of Anonymity: Tarun Wadhwa


San Jose police deploy 'Benghazi strategy' towards riots: Cube
On the passing of Muhammad Ali: Jazz Shaw
Politically Correct Golfers Association (PCGA) Moves to Mexico: Jeff Crouere

Image: Hillary on the ropes
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QOTD: "Look, guys: You don’t get to say that you’re afraid of Trump coming to power because he’ll trash the rule of law and then just kind of shrug when an elected official says that his city is a no-go zone for a political candidate. You don’t get to complain about violence at Trump rallies and then say that leftists smashing cars and bloodying faces were provoked into action by the mere fact of words they don’t like being uttered near them. You don’t get to tut tut about "brownshirts" and then tacitly endorse nights filled with broken glass because "direct action" is cool when the action is directed at people you don’t like." --Sunny Bunch

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