Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump and the Judge

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Trump and the Judge: JAG
Trump’s Jujitsu Overthrow of Liberalism: Steven Hayward
Hillary and the ‘what if’ scenarios: Cal Thomas

Hillary and the Vince Foster Suicide: Paul Mirengoff
When will GOP Do Something About Vote Fraud in States They Control?: Jen Kuznicki
Clinton clinches Democrat nomination: Daniel Chaitin

GOP demands Kerry testimony on edited Iran video: Pete Kasperowicz
Hillary Clinton wore $12,495 Armani jacket during speech on inequality: FAM
Sick Granny Clinton Has Another Coughing Episode In California: Right Pundit

La Raza Judge Gonzalo Curiel and the Hispanic National Bar Association: Treehouse
Lawsplainer: When Must Federal Judges Recuse Themselves, Anyway?: Ken White
Kristol Nicht: The Z Man


Is Personal Responsibility Obsolete?: Thomas Sowell
California’s Illegal Aliens Will Qualify for ObamaCare: MB
VA Wants to Provide Transgender Surgeries: Travis J. Tritten

Scandal Central

ICE Has Been Lying About Criminal Immigrants: Phil Shiver
35 Percent of Refugees in Vermont Positive for Latent TB: Breitbart
Democrats Introduce Federal Bill to Reinstate Votes of Convicted Felons: Joe Schoffstall

Climate, Energy and Regulations

They’ve Lost The Reason That The Agency Exists: Arts Mechanical


Hillary Takes 8 Minutes of Questions from the Press: Daniel Halper
A Florida Reader Says If The Treason Lobby Has Lost Chris Matthews...: Delmar Jackson
When I hear people say Clinton emails don’t matter, I remember a young Marine captain...: Instapundit

Deception Experts Analyze If Spokeswoman Telling Truth About Altered State Dept. Video: LawNewz
Obama, Immigration Propaganda and our National Identity: David Limbaugh
Buzzfeed Won't Run Donald Trump Ads, But Yeah, Random People Must Bake Gay Cakes: Ace


Why the Ayatollahs Love Hillary: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh
Paris Becomes Massive Camp for Illegal Migrants: Soeren Kern
ISIS Celebrates Ramadan by Burning 19 Caged Yazidi Girls to Death After They Refuse Sex: JWF

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Voice UI has Gone Mainstream: Ben Bajarin
Iron Man meets Aquaman as Navy turns to augmented reality: Sharon Gaudin
Windows Holographic: Changing Our Perception of the World: Rob Enderle


Read General Eisenhower’s official orders for the D-Day invasion: NCC
Can He Still Say That?: Sondrakistan
John Oliver Buys $15M In Medical Debt, Then Forgives It: Chris Morran

Image: Windows Holographic: Changing Our Perception of the World
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QOTD: "I think it’s clear that the EPA has gone far beyond the agency’s original mandate. In pursuing an agenda based on the desires of foreign billionaires and other globalization types the agency has gone dangerously down the path toward driving the country to ruin. It’s time to reign in or abolish the agency before the damage becomes permanent." --Arts Mechanical


commoncents said...

Watch Live Stream - Super Tuesday Results California and 5 other states:


Anonymous said...

The EPA is a rogue nation that prospers by virtue of its own regulations and these are taxes on working Americans.
I'd like to see someone calculate the hidden costs of all regulatory activity for the average working family.