Sunday, June 26, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: #2A -- Die Trying; The Hillary Campaign Should Be Panicking; Brexit Vindicates Trump's Nationalism

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#2A: Die Trying.: Declination
Brexit Win Vindicates Trump’s Nationalism: Edmund Kozak
The Hillary Campaign Should Be Panicking: Sarah Isgur Flores

Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times: Creeping
Secrecy surrounds refugee program in Tennessee (your state too!): Ann Corcoran
Trump: Muslim ban only applies to terror states; not universal: Al Weaver

Three Tricks Islamists Use to Conceal the Truth about Orlando: David M. Swindle
Mia Love for Vice President is How Trump Destroys Democrats for Good: Kevin DuJan
Trump Camp Releases First In Series Condemning Hillary’s ‘Legendary’ Lies: Tammy Bruce

Bipartisan House Group Drafts “Compromise” Watch List Gun Ban Bill: Cove
Saudi Journalist: 'Mullah Obama' Is Paving Way For Iran To Go Nuclear: Deborah Danan
Masses rise up across pond – now get ready for Hillexit: Howie Carr


House GOP Proposes Remarkably Good, Reasonably Bold Tax Reform: Dan Mitchell
DNC Committee Adopts Measure To Replace Workers With Robots: Cove
USGS finds data fraud, closes environmental chemistry lab: Anthony Watts

Scandal Central

Diplomat Who Pushed for Iran Deal Failed to Disclose Payments from Boeing, Which Made $25B: Tower
Clinton spokesman’s revealing response to missing email: John Sexton
Explosive new twist in Idaho sex assault case: Leo Hohmann


Shock Poll: Most U.S. Voters Want Immigrants Screened, Barred for Supporting Sharia Law: Counter Jihad
'This is the end': Media hysterical over Brexit: T. Becket Adams
Moonbat Reduced to Tears by Brexit: MB

Make America Clinton’s Again: MOTUS
Tammy Bruce gets a good laugh from WaPo’s #BrexitVote explainer: Twitchy
King Putt mocks Trump's golf course trip?: Breitbart


Peace or Jihad? Abrogation in Islam: David Bukay (2007)
The 6 Things Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Islamic State: Counter Jihad
Video: I was attacked by “anti-fascist” thugs in London!: Lauren Southern

Taliban Execute Famous Sufi Performer for “Blasphemy”: Counter Jihad
Misunderstanders of Islam attack Mogadishu hotel: 14 dead, explosions, hostages taken: Scoop
Swiss School Authorities Eliminate Pork from Lunch Menus: Counter Jihad

Brexit Only Latest Proof of Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions: Glenn Greenwald
Britain to claw back powers from Euro courts within months: Caroline Wheeler
Check Out the Insane ARSENAL Authorities Just Discovered at This MOSQUE: GJWHG

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Cruz: Obama admin relinquishing oversight of Internet may violate federal law: LI
US Customs and Border Patrol wants to ask for your "online presence" at the border: Cory Doctorow
Lies, damned lies, and Facebook: Phil Nickinson


The nation's socialist left elite are #HypocritesNoMore: Cube
Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones watched Game of Thrones. Their play-by-play is pretty great.: Vox
Crap Busters!: Sondrakistan

Image: Masses rise up across pond – now get ready for Hillexit
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Bonus QOTD: "...after the worst month of Trump's campaign, [Hillary Clinton]'s clinging to a lead in most swing state polls that's within the margin of error. It's time for someone in Brooklyn to pull the fire alarm. Her team has known for months what a deeply flawed candidate she is, and they smartly decided to make this election a referendum on Trump. Team Clinton has already spent millions on ads painting Trump as a crass buffoon. They've stayed on message for the last month while avoiding any unforced errors lately. Their media coverage has markedly improved since pivoting to the general, with the press fawning over her recent foreign policy speech as her best to date. She should be ahead by double digits today.

The pundits have been reporting that Trump's month in the wilderness cost him support in the latest round of polling because that's what Beltway conventional wisdom dictates. But any decent Clinton strategist knows the numbers are telling a different, and much scarier, story for her...

...And if you're wondering whether her campaign has considered just shelving her for the next few months and hoping no one notices, the answer probably lies in the fact that its been over 200 days since her last press conference. The last time she held a true press conference, we were just putting away our turkey basters, the State Department IG hadn't issued its report that said she'd failed to comply with department policies, and she hadn't received a single vote. Hiding their candidate is exactly what the Clinton campaign is doing." --Sarah Isgur Flores

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Anonymous said...

Hiding their candidate is fine with me. I'm sick of looking at her ugly, lying mug - and Trump's as well. They both should be put in a straight jacket and locked up far, far away and prevented from doing any more damage to our America the Beautiful.