Friday, December 19, 2008

If you ever see a chart like this, run like hell

If you ever see a chart like this, run like hell:

We've all heard how Bernie Madoff's returns sounded too smooth and consistent to be true. In picture form, however, the returns are even more eyebrow raising. The chart below shows the cumulative returns of $1 invested in the hedge fund Fairfield Sentry Limited, which was a fund run by Fairfield Greenwich Group that essentially directed all of its assets to the stewardship of Bernie Madoff...

...As shown, $1 invested in Madoff back in 1990 was supposed to be worth $6.75 today. NPB Bank, out of Zurich, even offered a version of this fund with three times the leverage. Talk about too good to be true.

Kinda reminds me of various instruments issued by the United States Treasury. Like Social Security and Medicare.


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