Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shoe Bomber vs. Shoe Thrower: How the Liberal Blogs Stack Up

It's Part One of our stunning, end-of-year wrap-up! Try and contain your excitement as we compare how various liberal progressive blogs covered two different Shoe Stories.

In this case, for each progressive blog, we'll contrast the number of posts mentioning a shoe-throwing journalist versus those mentioning a foiled terrorist attack that nearly killed hundreds of innocents: Richard Reid, the shoe bomber.

Let's play, shall we?

"Progressive" Blog"Richard Reid" shoe bomberIraqi journalist threw shoes Bush
Andrew Sullivan252
Brad Blog21,850
Crooks and Liars6341
Daily Kos10512,600
Jesus' General148
Sadly, No332
Talking Points Memo30452
Taylor Marsh1118

I'm figuring the ratio of these columns is as good a measure of a blog's level of Bush Derangement Syndrome that modern science can offer us.

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