Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Larwyn's Links: Hamas' suicide mission

Hamas's suicide mission: National Post
Palestinians admit using human shields: Peace with Realism
World's deadliest conventional weapons: Fox News

CNN at its unprincipled worst: The New Republic
WaPo steps in Pallywood Doodoo?: Augean Stables
On the other side from civilization: Spectator (Melanie Phillips)

Why we need net neutrality: Pajamas Media
NASA: Trauma Killed Shuttle Columbia Astronauts: Fox News
Financial desperation grows at The New York Times: American Thinker

Ohio Terror Sheikh Threatens American Deaths on Egyptian TV: Ohioans Against Terror
Crucifixion Legalized By Hamas... Liberal Elites Sympathize: Conservative Black Woman
Hamas: Of Course We'll Never Stop Attacking "Zionist Enemies Of God": Mere Rhetoric

D.C. lobbyist sues Times over McCain affair story: Long Island Business News
Where are all the women journalists obsessing over Caroline's wardrobe, makeup & hairstyles?: Slate
Media Deathwatch: Arrogant Reporter Vanquished By Bloggers Bleats into Obscurity: Patriot Room