Thursday, December 18, 2008

Innocent 'til proven guilty: get your FREE BLAGO blog widget!

BUMPED & UPDATED: The man is innocent. Innocent as the driven snow, I say! You can show your support by adding a FREE BLAGO blog widget to your blog and other electronic correspondence.

Please send your checks to:

Free Blago! Defense Fund
c/o Kaplan & Sorosky
158 West Erie Street
Chicago, IL 60610-3703

Copy and paste this code to express your support.

Blago's still the right man for the job!

Hat tip: Larwyn. FREE BLAGO widget appears at: Gateway Pundit, Marathon Pundit, Northeast Republican, Bob McCarty, ConservativeXpress, McNorman and FPA. If you use the FREE BLAGO blog widget, send me the link and I'll include you in the list of high-powered, mega-cool Blago supporters.

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