Monday, June 29, 2009

Get your Steve Driehaus Blog Widget!

Steve Driehaus is a Democrat from Ohio who ran as a "fiscal conservative" in a very red district (OH-1). Seriously. And yet he voted for every single one of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid economy-killers including Cap-and-Trade. If you have a blog and you want to express your disgust with PelosiCons like Driehaus, please join me in posting a Steve Driehaus blog widget.

I can't guarantee it will lead to an additional 5,000 or 10,000 visitors to your blog, but I can say that you'll feel all warm and gooey inside after you post. While that could be constipation, odds are it's knowing you helped light a bonfire for 2010.

Steve Driehaus votes to steal $4,000 from your family.  Thanks, Steve!

Let me know if you post the widget and I'll reciprocate with a back-link... and gladly pile on if you have a similar Blue Dog or Turncoat you're interested in politically targeting in 2010.

Yes we can!

Hat tip: Frank Kratovil.

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