Sunday, June 21, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: On Iran, Obama Votes 'Present'

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A Republican Platform for 2010 Emerges: Doc Zero
Democrats continue to protect crooks: King
"This is the moment": Hanson

Obama Proxy Tries To Squelch Another Whistleblower: Kesler
Democrat Congress puts agenda over the greater good: GRW
More on the ISG fiasco: POWIP

Dodd's Irish Luck: WSJ
Obama's Cereal Czar Warns Quaker Oats: Morrissey
Black Conservative Takes No Prisoners: Novus2

Our Inane and Insignificant Congress: Snooper


Joe Biden Explains It All: PJM (Blumer)
The next economic crash -- absolute disaster: Grand Rants


On Iran, Obama Votes 'Present': Steyn
What does Mousavi think?: Ledeen
Obama speech incites Burqa debate: Fausta

Roll Over Von Clausewitz, And Tell Clemenceau The News: Driscoll
Reid begins distancing himself from Obama: Matzav
Team Obama Iran Strategy in Tatters: MoneyRunner

Kim Jong-Il Dares Obama: PJM (Chang)
Land of Fear: Foreign Policy
Fierce clashes on the streets of Tehran: Atlas (Caution: graphic images)


Climate of hatred: Prominent scientist refused service due to skepticism: Green Hell


Republicans still worried about Obama 'infomercial' despite ABC promise: Daily News
Obama draws guffaws at Correspondents Dinner: Daily News
'Senator' Boxer meets Dr. Evil: Snooper

Latest news: Real-time updates from Iran on Twitter (#iranelection)

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