Sunday, June 14, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The real plan -- let the boomers die

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How to Stop Socialized Health Care: Rove
Dear AARP: the real plan is to let the boomers die: Kaus
Outrageous spending becoming a problem for Obama: Instapundit

Obama Fires AmericaCorps IG Investigating His Pal: JWF
Some Advice for Governor Palin: Doc Zero
Just Make Stuff Up: Hanson

Little Dick Durbin cashed out on inside information: Sun-Times
Canada's ObamaCare Precedent: Deadly Rationing: WSJ
Obamacare video: say goodbye forever to private insurance: GWP

How ACORN is worming its way to billions: Ms Placed Dem
Anti-terror drill tests NYC's defenses against nukes: LAT
Labor strike continues at Vance AFB: BMW

31 Questions for ACORN: Spectator
Understand Saul Alinsky, Understand the Obama Agenda: FSM
The New De-Urbanized Zones: Charlie Foxtrot

The Left's Denials about Von Brunn Ring Hollow: Macsmind
Sotomayor must view herself as wiser than the white males who drafted our Constitution: Ibrahim


BRICs Launch Assault on Dollar's Global Status: Chosun
Cool tool to flush out illegals: Patriot Room
A real health care plan that could save $5T: AT (Rosenbloom)


Iran's stolen election should change Western policies: Rubin
No Moral Equivalence: Persecution of Christians: TAP
Rioting in Tehran and a rival arrested: Fausta

I believe Wafa: Atlas
Obama 'excited' about 'robust debate' in Iran over election (i.e., riots): Rick
Obama's High Commissioner: Glick

Iranians asking for moral support: Klinghoffer


How to get Letterman fired -- and why we must do so: Conservative Lesbian
MSM AWOL as 1,000 protestors greet Dear Leader in Green Bay: GWP
Captivity in Print: Crittenden

Wildfire: MSM shuns #1 bestseller: Equalizer
All the President's Men: The Sequel: Ace
AP: drilling for oil causes earthquakes: S&L

A note on blog traffic: TigerHawk


Cancel That Order for Warp Drive Engines: Discovery
The Revolution Will Be Twittered: Sullivan


Mount Mabu: Undiscovered African Rainforest 'Discovered On Google Earth' (VIDEO): HuffPo
Readership we can believe in: Denny
Trip down memory lane: 20 Miles

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