Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A Slapdown of Sotomayor

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An Invitation for Janeane Garofalo: YouTube
Sotomayor slapped down by High Court: Times
Shoulder high in dung: the Conyers links: BlogProf

Basic Truths Challenge ObamaCare: Kesler
ACORN role in Census challenged: WSJ
Is the President unable to fight Congress -- or unwilling?: TigerHawk

A Close Look at Obama’s New Partners: PJM (Poole)
Cap-and-trade Tea Party at Rep. Mark Kirk's office: Marathon
Charlie Crist: The Republican Barney Frank: WSJ

Client #9 thinks he is all that: Malkin
House Phone System Crashed: NCTPR
The Diversity Delusion: Shrinkwrapped

Searched by the Office of the President?: Coffee Shop


Carbon Credits: a Scam: Denninger
Energy Myths... and Realities: Rattie
The BOHICA Cycle: AmDig

Bankrupting America, the Video: Joshua
Energy Czar didn't read Cap-and-Tax, Either: Morrissey
Wentzville car dealer sues Chrysler execs: StL Today


Refusing to see evil clearly: Ledeen
The face of evil ever renews itself: Sanity
Mumbai: what really happened: Telegraph (UK)

Iran: Basij Carry Out Nighttime Raids On Homes - Mousavi Attacks Khameini: TAB
A Deadly Power Vacuum: Spengler
They will have peace, when...: GM

Creeping Sharia: AT
Obama's Cairo Address: Distortions, Fabrications, Inaccuracies, Exaggerations, and Outright Fallacies.: PJM (Solway)


The Potemkin Presidency meets a moment of sanity in The New York Times: PJM (Kimball)
Video: Press corps now openly laughing at Obama’s backtracking on taxes: Hot Air
Ezra Klein Takes On Ed Morrissey…and Digs Himself In Deeper: Serum


Kenneth L. Reusser | Marine aviator, 89: Philly

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