Friday, June 19, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Understanding the Age of Obama

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Understanding the Age of Obama: RCP (Hanson)
It's 3 am, Does Anyone Know Where Obama Is?: JWF
ACORN Brownshirts Assault Republicans: Newsday

The Obamacare Horror Story You Won't Hear: Malkin
Daschle: Obama should dump public health option: Sister Toldjah
Healthcare Reform: It’s Not About You: Kesler

Not-So-Silent Lucidity: Walpin Refuses Kool-Aid, Gets Dizzy: Powers
Health Insurance Fraud Exposed: LegalIns
Obama seeks a replay of financial meltdown: Examiner

Support the Families of the Recruiting Office shooting: BlackFive
After Obama Fails: AT (Joyce)


The Saga of the Bearer Bonds: Market Ticker
Another IG Scandal Brewing: TARP: Instapundit
Graph: Stimulus FAIL: Ace

Obama's Prescription for our Recession: Howling


Iran's Supreme Leader Praises Vote: Times
North Korea threatens Nuclear War: Hot Air
Brigitte Gabriel: A Response to the Cairo Speech: AYAFI

Iran Photoshops Support for Nazi-in-Chief: Big Feed
Shock: Iran Plays The Zionist-Plot Card: LegalIns
The Two-State To Nowhere: Another Futile Attempt At Appeasement: JihadWatch (Grobman)

Obama appears to prefer regime change in Israel more than Iran: Klinghoffer
Cleric's killing turns Pakistan public against the Taliban: Dallas News
White House "livid" with Carter over Hamas lunacy: Matzav

Who is this guy?: Coffee Shop


PETA Outraged at Presidential Fly Execution: LGF
Lies, Damned Lies and BBC Climate Reports: AT (Glover)
Our Freezing Summer: Anchoress


My open heart surgery, Michelle Obama, and UBL: Winter Soldier
Obama Offers French Profound Apology For D-Day: TNOYF
Colbert interviews bereaved Fly family: Colbert

Quote du Jour:

"Obama has the magic to make words mean almost anything. Numbers are more resistant to his charms." -- Charles Krauthammer

Poster: Rachael from Kentucky.

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