Saturday, June 20, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The Domino Theory in the IG Scandal

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The ‘Domino Theory’ in the IG Scandal: PJM (McCain)
Third Inspector General Controversy Emerges: Tapper
ACORN whistleblower sued by... ACORN: S&L

Is David Plouffe Breaking The Law Promoting Health Care?: Riehl
Probing Conyers tie to $40K in pawn shop jewelry: S&L
Sotomayor resigns from all-women club: Times

Reminder: Saturday Appointment at Trader Joe's: Matzav
Obamaworld Apostasy and Malignant Narcissism: Sanity
What Obama said about the murder of Pvt. Long: MoneyRunner

Full Court Press on Health Care: AIP (Priestap)


Stimulus: unemployment his highest rate in 25 years: Times
Obama: we need more risky, low-income loans: Examiner
Overseas earning taxes will drive jobs overseas: Marathon


Andrew Sullivan, Khamanei Agree: Jewish Media Spreads Lies: Ace
Obama approval rating in Israel: from 31% to 6% in a month: Matzav
Obama still waiting for Mullahs to send signal: GWP

UK Muslim leader: 'We come here to civilise people... into the beauty of Islam.': Atlas
Support China's dissidents by using Bing: TAB


Letterman loses another sponsor: JoshuaPundit
E.J. Dionne: Infomercials dressed as analysis: Driscoll
Announcing the Save Frank Rich Society: PJM (Kimball)

Neocon Derangement Syndrome... on Steroids: LegalIns


Widow of murdered fly seeks White House apology: IowaHawk

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