Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Walpin-gate opens wider

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Walpin-gate opens wider: Times
ACORN plans name change: Examiner
Obama's spending graph: WaPo

Oops! About that private insurance: Foundry
Rahm Emanuael on Socialized Medicine: Verum
Dying is Patriotic: MoneyRunner

EMP - The Very Real Threat, Part I: PJTV
Dodge facts, skip details: Examiner
Obama nominee won't ID clients: Times

Justice Department and Islamic radicals: PJM (Rubin)


Ohio's AG objects to GM sale: Alpha
China's Real Estate Riddle: Feer
Foreclosure Reality Check: Dr. Housing Bubble


Clarity in the defense of freedom: Doc Zero
Obama and the rogues: WSJ
Obama snacked, Iranians got whacked: Treacher

Sarkozy: Islamic burka 'not welcome' in France: Eye
Obama's Persian Tutorial: WSJ
The Soviet Analogy and Iran: LegalIns


Why is it so difficult to answer three simple climate questions?: Online Opinion


ABC self-nationalizes for Obama: IBD
Courant still squarely in Dodd's corner: RA Blogs
New York Times: McCain Voters Not Americans?: Kesler

Gray Lady explains impossibility of states cutting their budgets -- ever: MoneyRunner


12 most amazing pools in the world: Boots n' all
Ron's Rant: Denny
'One-square Sheryl' to headline MLB All-Star concert: BWM

Adios, AOL, sort of: Parkway

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