Friday, June 12, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The Utter Destruction of the Economy

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Gretchen Carlson has questions for Car Czar: SIGIS
How to bankrupt a country: PJM (Anderson)
China moves away from dollar investments, buying gold, oil: GWP

AMA speaks out, rejects Obamacare: GWP
Barack Obama is destroying the economy: EIB (Video)
Act now to stop the bailout of the IMF: Morrissey

Digging in for the Healthcare Offensive: York
Army Report: Drug Cartels, Terrorists Infiltrate U.S.: Helms
Stumped Speech: Six Meat

Signs of GOP life in Northeast: Driscoll
You have the right to burst out laughing: Maguire

A right-wing, Christian hate crime? Hardly: PJM (Simberg)
And now they want to run health care: Rick
Sotomayor and a post-racial America: MoneyRunner


What If Israel Strikes Iran?: Bolton
Rep. seeks action against Islamic Republic polling places:
How Ends the Amazon Defense Coalition’s Lawsuit Against Chevron in Ecuador?: BMW

Lebanese credit Bush; Friedman credits Obama: Klinghoffer
Israel need not appy for Hope 'n' Change: PJM (Meister)
UK must not kowtow to the Islamic World like Obama: PJM (Gould)

Hard Truths are really just Political Convenience: Glick
An innocent abroad: GLORIA
A Letterman Top Ten List You'll Never See on Letterman: AT (Arlandson)

Now he tells us: Geller
They're baaa-aaa--aaack: Re-launching al-Muhajiroun: Jawa


Star Trek: the Dowd Conundrum: PJTV
George Will on Obama's Appalling Speech: Power Line
CBS News Uses Rape Analogy For Sarah Palin: LegalIns

From White House to Blog Troll: Riehl

Climate & Energy

Warming causes more intense storms and lessening winds: Depot
SUVs at fault for global collision: Punky Kitten


How to make a Malawian Soccer Ball: Crittenden
London Underground Song: Amateur Transplants (NSFW)
Gitmo Detainee Petitions Canadian Prime Minister For Relocation: TNOYF

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