Thursday, June 25, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Help Stop the H.R. 2454 Madness!

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Help stop the H.R. 2454 madness: McCain
The little president who wasn't there: AT (Lewis)
A Soldier's Life is Cheap Now: AT (Fairchok)

Oops! Obama lied about keeping your own doctor: Boehner
Hotel California: America's Nightmare: Kesler
Maine torches the FIrst Amendment: PJM (Poole)

Who's funding the Obamacare astroturf campaign?: Malkin
Democrat funds his son's project: Times
Obamacare should be a sitting duck: Karl

Dems pack pork into Cap-and-Trade: ConfYank
Detroit Public Schools, $430M in debt, has 257 ghosts on payroll: BlogProf


EPA tries to censor disconfirming climate info: AT (Sheppard)
Another meltdown? It's only a matter of time: Globe & Mail
After Global Warming: AT (Anderson)

The rush towards energy dependence: CSM
Waxman-Markey bill would kill clean energy growth: WSJ
Climate bill gives billions to foreign foliage: Times

Holding Obama accountable on the Stimulus: Foundry


Massacre in Tehran: Provocateur
Obama stays the course with wiener diplomacy: Honest
Cairo speech inspired protesters?: TigerHawk


Stay tuned for more of the Obama show: Milbank
Did Sheryl Crow Post a Comment on My Blog?: BMW
Burger King's latest whopper: Morrissey


Get Smarter: Atlantic
Red Meat: TigerHawk

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