Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Invisible' Homes

New Zealand jewelry tycoon Michael Hill has gotten permission to build 17 'invisible' homes in and around his golf course.

Each [subterranean] dwelling would take one of seven designs, some of which include lap pools, wine cellars, libraries, outdoor fireplaces and/or courtyards... More than half of the dwellings would be built below a ridge southwest of the golf course. A handful would be nestled between fairways.

Mr Hill last week told The Southland Times he was looking forward to building the "world-beating" homes... He said the design shied away from the resort-style courses that were popular in the United States... "The Americans put a big colonial clubhouse at the back of the 18th and fill the fairways with homes.

"For me, that spoils everything. We want it to be like a Scottish course, where you see nothing. These homes will be invisible."

Somewhere, Frank Lloyd Wright is beaming.

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