Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Prez outside law in IG firing

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Key Obama Ally says Prez Violated Law in IG Firing: Tapper
The Inspector General speaks: the inside story of his firing: Examiner
A 'Nuclear Bomb' in the Health Care Debate: Provocateur

Monica Conyers Ensnared in Federal Probe: BlogProf
Issa seeks documents on VIP mortgage deals : Hill
Medical Tort Reform: $100B a year Obama won't address: AT (Folks)

Return to ACORN General Hospital: AT (Peracchio)
Schumer, Waters honored for governing the “ACORN Way”: MonCrief
Cracking ACORN: Quotas by any name: PittLive

Video Explains Government-Run Health Care: BMW
AMA Speech: Same Ol', Same Ol': LoneCon
Tea Party sends a message: Instapundit

Health Care Costs in McAllen TX: Wizbang
When the White House governs Health Care: TigerHawk
A new weapons ban has begun: Red Ink Texas

Sotomayor's 'Fundamental' Flaws: AT (LaRue)
Looking at Chris Dodd's wife: Instapundit


Cyberwar Guide for Iranian Elections: BoingBoing
Revolutionary Guards had nothing to fear from Obama: Hashmonean
Bermuda isn't feeling the love: SIGIS

US spending hundreds of millions to arm, train Palestinians: JPost
Sham Elections Expose Non-Policy: Foundry


GE Capital Is Back In The Game To Win It: ZeroHedge
Geithner blames CEOs for financial crisis: S&L
We're going to spend $3 trillion to 'reduce costs': EIB

Obama Federal Blueprint Creates More Bureaucracy: WaPo
11% minimum wage increase will lead to 300K lost jobs: EnvEcon
Flashback: My Bipartisan Stimulus: Limbaugh


Why Palin should appear on Letterman: Patrick
Buy the Globe for the price of a Globe: BuzzMachine


Worse than fiction: eGadFly


Hot or not composite pics: IZI

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