Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Naive, Hypocritical or Dishonest?

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Obamacare: Naive, Hypocritical or Dishonest? Yes: Samuelson
Obama jeered by Doctors during AMA speech: AP
Leading Dem Pollster admits Obamacare seen lacking: Kesler

U.S. likely to lose AAA rating: Prechter: Reuters
Biden admits: Stimulus FAIL: Real World
Walpin firing keeps getting curiouser: Morrissey

Rep. Bachmann: Obama Running A 'Gangster Government': KXMC
Limbaugh: Obama Ramping Up Hate Against Jews: Kessler
Surprise! Poll Finds Significant Anti-Semitism Among Democrats: Mere Rhetoric

A(nother) disillusioned ex-Obama supporter: AT (Smith)
Feinstein cancels event after lobbyist crows about access: Times
Dems plan sneak attack on Health Care: Marathon


The Revolution Will Be Digitized: LGF
Is A Free Iraq Coming Home To Roost In Iran?: LegalIns
Iranians Detonate Reality Bomb: Karl

No Win Situation for Obama: Yahoo
Iran's election process a 'sham': Bolton
A Time for Steel: Ace

Club Qaeda: Surber
Punting for Peace: Crittenden
Obama on Iran: I cannot be silent, even though I was silent for three days: Hot Air

Fat Bastage Gadahn Releases New Message: Jawa


Material stops 2,000-degree fires -- but not in California: CNN
1972 discovery: Sana Qurans: TAB
Global cooling threatens crops: HyScience


Hannity should heed forum posters and interview MonCrief: Gaynor
Damage Control: Letterman Offers Apology to Palin : JWF
The New Bankrupt Times' Heir Apparent to Walter Duranty: Matzav

Alinsky's Children: CBS, TNR and Andrew Sullivan: Fausta
Krugman psychoanalyzes Von Brunn: Maguire

Father's Day

Plenty of Gift Ideas for Dad: Uncrate

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