Monday, June 22, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A message from the boss

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A message from the boss: STACLU
Feingold defends public plan, admits goal is single-payer: Verum Serum
GOP Senators Fight Marxist Healthcare Cramdown: Verum Serum

Our Fatherhood Crisis: Times
'High crimes and misdemeanors': Examiner
Change: Presidential Tracking Poll: Rasmussen

Democrat cap-and-trade bill could hike electricity rates 47%: KJCT
Washington learns how Chicago does it: Kass
We don't need Radical Healthcare Reform: Will


Unions at it again and FPL fights back: InvestmentU
"Dumb money" begins to lose conviction: Technical Take
California soon to get junked by Moody's: Zero Hedge


The Abandonment of Democracy: Muravchik
Priorities: SIGIS
Chicks with guns don't get raped: ForceOfReason

Kindergarten graduation pageant, Palestinian-style: Matzav
Iran Election Fraud Truthers Emerge: LegalIns
Want to see a GP? Get in line: Daily Mail (UK)

A teenager shot dead in street becomes Martyr for protesters: Sky
Iran Updates and Ice Cream: Morrissey


Fire Jim Hansen, the Weather Clown: Watts
Coal CEO challenges Hansen to debate: NewsBusters


Sniveler: NE Repub
Juan Williams Pillories Media 'Kowtowing' to Obama: NewsBusters
How to write a NYT article on an Obama controversy: Hot Air

Update on Andrew Sullivan's Neocon Derangement Syndrome: AmPower
Stephanopoulos: Obama 'Obsessed' with FNC; NYT's Keller Denies Pro-Obama Bias: NewsBusters
Pat Buchanan is an useless idiot and must be rejected: LGF

Orwell's time-tested warnings: Jacoby


Ottowan floods Iran with firewall bypass info: Ottawa Citizen
A video tribute to our 44th president: Barack ObaMao: Blatt

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