Friday, June 26, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Did Congress actually read Cap-and-Trade?

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Now Multiple IG-Gate Investigations: Other McCain
The Obamacare Infomercial: What were they thinking?: Karl
Did Congress actually read the Cap-and-Trade bill?: LawHawk

ACORN's disgraceful founder Wade Rathke speaks: Vadum
ACORN still intimidating despite name change: NLPC
Dems in House push huge energy bill: Times

Everyone's talking about... Neil Barofsky?: SIGIS
MA officials honor controversial Mosque opening: NER
Yeah, he's so Presidential: Six Meat


Corker still clinging to cap-n-trade: Six Meat
ObamaCare: $4 trillion in costs: Morrissey
Deafening Silence: EPA Response to Alleged Cover-up: AT (Sheppard)


Negotiating with Terrorists: McCarthy
Obama, the African Colonial: AT (Ikenga)
Witness to murder: doctor who tried to save Neda speaks: Hot Air

Britain's cancer shame: 15,000 could be saved each year: Daily Mail (UK)
Hoisted By His Own Apology: LegalIns
Mystery for the Ages: Attack

Iranian crisis being fought out on three fronts: Rubin
Al Qaeda claims it's been 'too busy' to attack U.S. homeland: Natl. Post
Che At The White House: Kesler


Who says conservative bloggers don't do reporting?: Malkin
Cap 'n' Tax and Mary Katherine Ham: SIGIS
Finally, Gibbs in the dunk tank: Tapper

Health Care Infomercial a 'Ratings Bust': Instapundit
In Berkeley, even the private school students are communists: Zombie
ZombieTime scoops the mainstream media again: Fox

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