Monday, June 15, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Pregnant silence on Iran's surge for freedom

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Romney: Where's Obama on Iran?: LGF
The Walpin story: a lawless and bullying administration: Power Line
Dude, Where's My Stimulus?: LAT

The Exploding Carbon Tax: WklyStd
The Palin Pipeline: Sono Annoiato
Angry protesters greet Pelosi in Houson: GWP

Walpin-gate: Times
Are The Justices Delaying The Ricci Decision?: LegalIns
Hospitals fight back against Obama's Medicare cuts: AP

Lakers fans celebrate with riots, arson, attacks on police: Malkin
Flag Day 2009: Kesler


Insurrection, Day Two: Totten
The upsides of Iran's sham election: Pipes
Jimmy Carter versus Reality: Ziyon

Iranian People Scream for Freedom: Sadly, No!
Obama silent as protesters killed in streets: GWP
Obama strikes out: MoneyRunner

An email from Iran: GM's Place
Ahmadinejad stole the election -- just like Bush: LegalIns
Don't Iranians deserve hope and change, too?: PJM (Rubin)


Biden photo-ops used Stimulus props: Kansas 'Lark
CBS Publishes Piece Comparing Bush to Ahmadinejad: NewsBusters
Twitter out of Iran: #cnnfail: AmPower

'We ignore Mark Levin while hawking failures Frum and Douthat': New York Bankrupt Times

Climate & Energy

Chilly June 2009 is one for the books: WGN
Heh! 'Not all glaciers respond equally to climate change': AP


The Astounding World of the Future: C&S
Is the Twitpocalypse nigh? Update: Mostly no: Cnet


Bob & Tom's Obama-man: Patriot Room
Where your money goes (Illustration): FreshCon

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