Saturday, June 13, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: ACORN's massive tax problem

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Hypocrisy, anyone? ACORN's massive tax problem: Provocateur
The Jobs Killer: $600B in New Taxes: Bloomberg
The RAT hiding inside the Stimulus bill: York

Video: the public plan deception: Hot Air
That didn't take long: public distrusts Dems on economy: Morris
Fraudsters targeting Stimulus package: Lucianne

Congress seeks explanation of dealership closure decisions: RadioIowa
Punk'd On Health Care Reform: LegalIns
Whose campaign did Matt Lesko contribute to?: Blatt

Dodd's Irish Cottage: Was $190,000. Now $658,000: Courant
Dodd's health care conflicts-of-interest: AP


Vote count has Ahmadinejad leading in Iran elections: Times
Fast Action By SPO Saved Lives, Officials Say: WaPo
Obama's Promises of Great Things Are Utter Rubbish: Rubin

Pat Buchanan and the BNP: LGF
Atheist Left Wing Journalism Major Kills Guard at Holocaust Museum: MoneyRunner


Hugh Hewitt's interview with Mark Steyn: Nicholas Jacob
Media discovers Democrat corruption in Washington: PJM (Rubin)
Ray Nagin feared assassination by George W. Bush: Tim Blair

David Letterman, Rev. Wright, and Thoughts on a Creepy Culture: Hanson
Bozell to Letterman: Apologize Like a Real Man: MRC

Climate & Energy

The Anti-Stimulus Package: Cap-and-Trade: SIGIS
Climate pact in jeopardy: China refuses to cut emissions: Times of London


Autopsy Finds David Carradine Did Not Commit Suicide: Lucianne
'Should I work as a prostitute to pay my debt?': Ask Bossy
Budgetball on the Mall: Pass the Ball, Not the Buck: Sunday, June 14, Washington DC

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