Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2011

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Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2011: JW
On Virginia AG Cuccinelli's Ballot Rules Reversal: Ace
Former staffer responds to Paul's 9/11 Truther denials: Lid

How the DOJ and media tricked SC to protect vote fraud: BigGovt
Did you miss the White House visitor log document dump?: Malkin
Rand Paul: Tea Party's Better Off Within the GOP: Hot Air

Steady in Iowa, Romney Counts on New Hampshire, Florida: Barone
A Brief Guide to Iowa and Beyond: RWN
Five Easy Steps to End ‘Islamophobia’: Spencer


Heartache: Obama’s Hawaiian Vacation Is Over: WZ
A Brave New Step on the Tightrope: TL in Exile
‘Let’s Move’: A Government Initiative to Lie to Kids: BigGovt

Obamanomics by the Numbers: Instapundit
Middle Class Warriors Dine Out for $260: Dossier
Economic Indicators: Jobs Will Be Job One: WSJ

Climate & Energy

What's the Punchline?: Dinocrat
This Is How Newt’s “Science Advisor” Thinks: Soylent
Devastating criticism of the IPCC from a guy who contributed to all five IPCC Assessment Reports: Nelson

Corbyn vs. the Met: Bayonet
GOP lawmaker and Chevy dealer looks to end Volt tax credit: Hill
New ad campaign reveals foreign interests sabotaging Canada’s economy: 5 Feet


“Thomas Friedman, you pitiful fool.”: Power Line
And now, an endorsement for Ron Paul: Ace
Cindy Sheehan Brags To #OccupyRoseBowl: “I Haven’t Paid My Taxes” In Nearly Eight Years: Dollard

“You got a name?” Rick Perry shuts down Politico reporter over anonymous source: Scoop
Alan Colmes Deserves His New Nickname: Low-life Scum: Lid
Saturday At The Movies! Alfonzo Rachel Edition: Blogmocracy

WordPress Shuts Down Controversial Anti-Islam Site: BigGovt
Colmes apologizes for comment about son after Santorum and wife get emotional: Hot Air
Occupy the Rose Bowl and Occupy the Navy: Mellow Jihadi

RWN’S Top 10 Referrers For 2011: RWN
Ron Paul Tells Terry Moran He Doesn’t Really See Himself in The Oval Office: Blaze
The First Annual Tabbie Awards for Astute Blogging: TAB


Nine Michigan car dealerships in Hizbollah scheme, laundered money in US banks: Creeping
Russia: What Iranian nuclear-weapon program?: Hot Air
Arabs once again raise phony "settlement freeze" issue: TAB

Iran in Convulsion (the death spiral continues): Ledeen
Muslim Brotherhood: What say we put that peace treaty with Israel to a popular vote?: Hot Air
Iran Spits Nails As Sanctions Bite: Mead

Egypt's Winds of Change Give Way to Dark Clouds: IPT
Ron Paul Slams Israel, Alleges Gaza a Concentration Camp: AmPower
Video shows Queens firebug hurling Molotov cocktail: Post


L.A. arson: A turning point for police use of Twitter, social media: LAT
Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Can Dissolve Mouse Carcasses: AtlWire
More Best Space Photos of 2011: TAB


Pure, unadulterated genius: Knuckle-draggin' (NSFW)
Stanley Ann’s Legacy: A Crafty Gift: MOTUS
It Could Be Worse: Knuckle-draggin' (NSFW)

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