Saturday, January 12, 2013

I ACTUALLY AGREE WITH JOE BIDEN: We really do need a national gun violence database

Joe Biden -- once the dumbest Senator in American history and now the dumbest Vice President in American history -- has been given the task of offering gun control recommendations to the President. Reports indicate that Biden will:

...likely include universal background checks, new regulations on high-capacity magazines, and using a federal agency to compile data about gun-related deaths, he said Thursday.

I actually agree with the last recommendation. If the Left possessed even a single neuron's worth of intellectual integrity, it would demand that the government track:

• The number of lives saved by defensive gun usage, including each situation in which violence was avoided by simply brandishing a defensive weapon;

• The types of pharmaceutical or illegal drugs used by each criminal involved in a violent crime;

• The criminal's family background (i.e., was the criminal raised in a single-parent family or a two-parent family?);

• The number of violent crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens;

• The number of violent crimes occurring in "gun-free zones", including "gun-free cities" like Chicago and Washington, D.C.;

Of course, these numbers would lead to some obvious conclusions, namely that every one of the Democrat Party's policy positions is an utter, violent, bankrupt, stuttering clustersuck of a miserable failure.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.

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