Saturday, January 26, 2013

THE DIVERSION: What are the Democrats really after with Dianne Feinstein's gun-ban bill?

There's a consensus building, across the political aisle, that Dianne Feinstein's gun-ban bill is DOA, in a manner of speaking.

That said, what are the Statists really after? Bob Owens suspects they seek to negotiate several important restrictions as a solid start down the road to a de facto repeal of the Second Amendment.

...What Feinstein and her fellow bullies want is to browbeat legislators to “compromise.”

... In Democratese, “compromise” is when they demand a dozen liberties be stripped from you, and give the most outlandish rights away and “accept” just one or two of your freedoms being stripped away.

The apparent real targets of the various Democratic bans floating through Washington are:

Bans of standard capacity magazines

A national gun registry

tracking, limiting sales of ammunition, or stopping online sales of ammunition

...Do not allow your congressperson or Senator to compromise away your rights to standard capacity magazines, which are a necessary part of the kit for a “well-regulated militia.”

...Do not allow your congressperson or Senator to create a nation gun registry. Registries exist as a prerequisite for confiscation, which allowed the unopposed democide of 262 million souls in the 20th Century alone.

...Do not allow your congressperson or Senator to pass legislation tracking or limiting the sale of ammunition, and do not let them stop the online sales of ammunition. It serves no purpose in stopping street crime, and only serves to give the government more power over the people.

There must be no compromise with these Statists. None of these laws would have had any bearing on the tragic actions of a suicidal madman in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

But, then again, Democrats aren't interested in what works: Chicago's skyrocketing murder rate is proof of that. They're interested in seizing more of your liberty and consolidating more power in Washington.

Mark Levin suggests that the House of Representatives bring Feinstein's bill up for a vote so that Democrat lawmakers can be put on record once the bill is defeated. This would allow the House to table the Democrats' gun-grabbing nonsense and instead focus on the nation's imminent fiscal collapse.

Levin's is a perfectly sound idea, which is why the RINO establishment is certain to ignore it. Call your Congressman now and demand the Speaker put Feinstein's bill up for a vote. It's time to end this charade and start addressing the nation's real problems.


Anonymous said...

A national gun registry is just another way for the Democrats to criminalize Constitutional rights.

Glen said...

Rather than an outright ban on guns that look a certain way, all they have to do is make it illegal for banks to handle gun related transactions (like they did with online poker a few years ago). Sure, you can own a gun, but you just have to pay cash for it and the ammo. And the manufacturer has to pay cash for their materials, and the gun store has to pay cash for their inventory. Within a few years, only police, military, and criminals will have guns.

Anonymous said...

Sure our representatives will listen to our protests, just as they did with Obamacare.

whitestone said...

Replace Jews with New Yorkers and Himmler with Cuomo and re-read that press release... it's already happened.

Anonymous said...

As long as we are limiting magazines, let us also limit that vile Hustler Magazine to 30, 10, "six or seven", 3 or even one page. When we get there, we can then propose limiting it to ZERO pages.