Friday, January 18, 2013

QOTD: Can't see the forest for the trees

Wall Street Journal Commenter Marth Brunner offers an important -- and heretofore ignored -- point regarding "gun violence".

Nowhere in the discussion ... is the idea of 'Sanctuary Cities' for illegal immigrants mentioned.

But a policeman in LA who sees a person who he knows is a violent gang member, who has illegally come back into the U.S. after being deported (a felony) can't do anything about it without being disciplined.

Liberal politicians who protect violent gang members with 'sanctuary cities' rules want to pretend that they want to reduce gun violence? Baloney.

If you hadn't guessed, "gun violence" is the progressive's favorite new code word for gun control. And since they're into code words, I say the phrase "gun violence" is racist.


thebronze said...

I didn't see the quoted section anywhere in the linked article.

I want to use it, but nowhere to link it to...

Anonymous said...

Google Sanctuary cities. They do exist.

H.R. Samuel

directorblue said...

@TheBronze - buried somewhere in the comments to that article... sorry about that!