Friday, January 18, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Dictatorship by Executive Order

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Dictatorship by Executive Order: Capitalism
Gun Control and the Paradox of Liberty: Brownell
Push Back: TL in Exile

Where Hope Lies: the Several States: Camp o' the Saints
Gun sales: Obama's bogus 40% background check stat: NRO
Nothing to see here: Molotov Cocktail Edition: DTG

Keep your guns, move to Texas: Ricochet
Obama Ignores Dangers Of Father-Free Zones: IBD
Loathsome nanny-state mayor: I don’t ‘force anybody to do anything’: Hot Air


How about we ditch food stamps and bring back soup kitchens?: LoneCon
Social Security Cliff in Sight; Retirees Will Outlive Trust Fund: Mish
How Many Central Banks Does It Take To Generate 1% GDP Growth In 5 Years?: ZH

The Best Teacher Evaluation “Plan” is a Free Market in Education: ObjStd
Quaint: domestic terrorist a keynote speaker at education conference: Nice Deb
Stupid California Cost Itself $600 Million Over Facebook IPO: Gizmodo

Scandal Central

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious: Breitbart
DOJ Seeks to Stall JW Lawsuit Seeking Access to Fast and Furious Records: JW
White House: We don’t know if American hostages in Algeria are alive or dead: ForPol

Climate & Energy

Chinese Air Pollution Pegs-the-Needle as Suffocating Citizens Left Gasping for Air: Reaganite


Surrounded by Children: Hawkins
Obama Picks a Target and Freezes it: Permanent Campaign Re-Election Machine to Target NRA: Nice Deb
Multiple Twitter accounts exposed Manti Te’o fake girlfriend hoax in early December: Twitchy

“Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual”: LI
Andrea Mitchell Depressed – Eric Pratt Explains 1st and 2nd Amendments: It’s Delicious!: MagNote
Judge: News Organizations Improperly Pulled Images From Twitter & Used Commercially: MarketingLand

Second Home Listed On NY Newspaper’s Map Of Gun Owners Broken Into, Two Guns Taken: WZ
Levin to Cavuto: Obama Un-American, Fascistic: Lord
Obama’s Inauguration To Be All About Him: LoneCon

Chris Christie Slams ‘Reprehensible’ NRA For ‘Dragging People’s Children’ Into Gun Control Debate: Mediaite
Levin: Anybody who is sick and tired of Chris Christie's Big Mouth, Raise Your Hand: Scoop
Cruz: Gun Control Fight Will Hand GOP the Senate in 2014: Blaze


Obama, Clinton Silent on Hostage Crisis: WS
Al-Qaida Resurgent As Terror Spreads Across N. Africa: IBD
US ex-commander: We can't stop Iran's nuclear program: Hayom

DISH Network & Turkish Airlines Sponsor Islamist Conference in U.S.: WorldThreats
Al Gorezeera Still Promoting “Gun Violence” and Terrorism: AIM
Troops ask SecDef about defense, job cuts: ArmyTimes

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Watch Liquid Bounce Off Amazing New Superomniphobic Material: PopSci
Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Against Browser Encryption: Schneier
TSA to Remove Naked-Image Scanners From US Airports: Gizmodo


Bob Schieffer compares Obama to Stalin!: Cube
Somebody Picked the Wrong Girl: GLOCK
The Filthy Rotten Party of Corruption, Treason, Fraud, Sodomy and Abortion: RSM

Image: Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT (via Parkway Rest Stop)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Petition for Repeal of NY Gun Ban Gets 40,000 Signatures In One Day

QOTD: "All officials who take an oath to The Constitution are individually responsible for assuring that it not be violated. Further, by said oath they are obligated not to enforce any law or regulation that they believe would cause them to violate their oaths. If someone disagrees, the matter may be settled in a court of law, but oath-taking officials do have this power/responsibility. And they should not fear exercising it. It’s their duty...

...Whatever hope we have of restoring our freedoms and liberties lies in the Several States, much as in the 18th Century it lay in the colonies — this is where the stand against Tyranny must be made." --Bob Belvedere


Barry Popik said...

Today's negative link ("The Worst Link in the World") dishonorably goes to:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The award goes for outstanding liberal bias over the entire week:

1. THE DAVID GREGORY JOKE THAT WAS NEVER TOLD. The David Gregory story was tailor-made for comedy. Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert chose to ignore it completely. Don't you think that a Fox News anchor would be arrested? If given a free pass like Gregory got, don't you think that Stewart and Colbert would have come up with a Fox News "joke"?

2. THE ROGER WATER QUESTION ON ISRAEL THAT WAS NEVER ASKED. See Breitbart's Jon Stewart Fails to Question Roger Waters's Anti-Israel Extremism.

3. THE LENA DUNHAM QUESTIONS THAT WERE NEVER ASKED. Lena Dunham was on Thursday's show. Stewart failed to ask her about her obscene campaign ad for Barack Obama or her dispute with Howard Stern--the two questions anyone would ask her.

For an entire week's worth of outrageous liberal bias, the comedy of Jon Stewart is The Worst Link in the World.

Barry Popik said...

Please note that Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal (the true Worst Blogger in the World) has just posted:

We Are Now So Close To The End of The Era Of Crisis...

From the first comment:

"Just shy of 17 TRILLION in debt and you call this and end???"

Bob Belvedere said...

I am quite honored, Doug, to be awarded the Quote Of The Day - thank you.