Monday, January 14, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Enough--Guns, Active Shooters and Pharma

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Enough: Guns, Active Shooters and Pharma: Denninger
The Hipster Facade: Hanson
History Suggests That Entitlement Era Is Winding Down: Barone

Where are my Constitutionally-protected suppressed machine guns?: Owens
The Petty Reign of Harry Reid: WS
Why The 2nd Amendment - An Object Lesson From Mexico: Howling

The View from the Bottom of a Fiscal Abyss: RWN
Gun Control, Bills of Attainder & Ex Post Facto Laws: NoisyRm
Waiting for the Sequel: Reagan


Why is Black Unemployment So Much Higher Than White?: LibertyNews
Clifftastrophe: How GOP Raised Taxes, Fed Dem Addiction: ConBlkChk
So, you think your Right-To-Work state is safe from unions?: RS

The Sad Irony of Affirmative Action: NatlAffairs
Ugly Choices Loom Over Debt Clash: WSJ
CT gun shop swamped in semi-auto rifle package deal: Scoop

Scandal Central

NYT: Obama To Ram Through Amnesty For 11 Million Illegal Immigrants: WZ
Are Some Liberal Academics Attempting to Normalize Pedophilia?: CI
Mentally challenged girl, 15, 'gang raped under her desk during class as teacher did NOTHING': DailyMail

Climate & Energy

How a FOIA Request Brought Down EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: Foundry
EPA: Green Gone Wild: Forbes
FrackNation Defends Revolutionary Energy Technology: ObjStd


Colon Powell on MTP: GOP Has ‘A Dark Vein of Intolerance’: BizzyBlog
NRA President Schools Candy Crowley: Obama and Feinstein Are Driving Gun Sales Not Us!: NB
In Defense of a Little Book: DPU (Language Warning)

Newspaper Publishes List of Gun Owners: One of them Promptly Burglarized: Hideout
Peggy Noonan: President Obama should “Leave Gun Control Issues in the Congress": FreeLight
Obama’s nominees are all white, but it’s totally cool because Obama is black: NakedDC

Colin Powell Celebrates Festivus On Meet the Press: Ace
Pretend Gun Control: Fleming
Piers Morgan thinks a tyrannical U.S. government is impossible: DC


Chuck Hagel - It's the anti-Americanism, stupid: Glick
The Koranic Sanction of Slavery: Creeping
Why are we pretending?: CFP

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Bus-Size Sea Monster Found, Took On Prey Its Own Size: NatGeo
Who Is To Blame When A Robotic Car Crashes?: PopSci
Tumblr is even more popular with 13- to-25-year-olds than Facebook: Post


Guns for Me Butt Not for Thee: MOTUS
Gandalf Problem Solving Flowchart: Ritholtz
New Corvette: The Stingray Returns: Jalopnik

Image: Class Act
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: January 19th is Gun Appreciation Day

QOTD: “The inverse relationship between quantity demanded and price is the core proposition in economic science, which embodies the presupposition that human choice behavior is sufficiently rational to allow predictions to be made. Just as no physicist would claim that “water runs uphill,” no self-respecting economist would claim that increases in the minimum wage increase employment. Such a claim, if seriously advanced, becomes equivalent to a denial that there is even minimal scientific content in economics, and that, in consequence, economists can do nothing but write as advocates for ideological interests. Fortunately, only a handful of economists are willing to throw over the teaching of two centuries; we have not yet become a bevy of camp-following whores.” --James M. Buchanan, 1986 Nobel laureate in economics, writing in the Wall Street Journal on April 25, 1996 (via Carpe Diem)

1 comment:

Barry Popik said...

Today's negative link--The Worst Link in the World--once again goes to Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal for

INTERVIEW: We Found A Congressman Who Actually Understands Economics

Who is that Congressman? Some might say he's Ron Paul, who has written books on economics and the Federal Reserve. But no!

It's Democratic hack Jerry Nadler!

When I ran on the Republican ticket for Manhattan Borough President in 2005 (a guaranteed losing proposition(, I lost to Scott Stringer, who had been mentored by Jerry Nadler. Both are Westside Manhattan Democrats.

Worst Line:

"On the deficit, he says what virtually no other politician will say, that it's too small."

This guy understands economics! (shaking head)

Second worst line:

"Given the unpopularity of more deficit spending, can the public ever be convinced we need to spend more?"

Memo to Joe Weisenthal: We borrow 46 cents of every dollar from China.

One comment:

"Joe, YOU don't understand economics."

Any Joe Weisenthal BI article is always a contender for The Worst Link in the World, but today we say that Joe "wins" again.