Sunday, January 27, 2013

UNITE OR PERISH: How to be a force-multiplier

An important presentation spotted over at RedState.

Read it, pass it on, and -- most importantly -- take action.

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Doom said...

With the electorate rigged on a leftist sliding scale, this nation is pretty much at the end. While I will always be an American, of the old order, I would advise any sane, sober, and able to flee. I don't think they have the political power to grab guns, this time. That is only a matter of time, with who now gets to vote (which is not one of the enumerated God given rights, by the way), you can't do a thing about the direction of politics. The GOP knows it, that is why they are merely nodding to those who elect them while in fact working actively with and for the left.

Make your assets liquid, disappear them somewhere other than where the U.S. government can get, or even notice, them and figure out how to get out as soon as possible, or at least when the time comes. If you want to see why, watch the whites in South Africa over the next few years to decade. Or review what happened in Zimbabwe recently. It's coming and the electorate is rigged to make it happen. There isn't anything you can do about it. And I don't see a single agency or power within the U.S. holding Zero to laws, the constitution, or anything else.

Hitler only banned guns for those he intended to kill. Zero and the left is aiming at everybody. Coincidence? You are the target this time.