Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Target Is Not Just the Republican Party, but the Constitution Itself

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Obama's Target Is Not Just Republicans, but the Constitution Itself: Breitbart
Thank you, President Obama! Really. Sincerely.: GSL
Classless Scum: DOJ Lawyer Began the Booing of Paul Ryan: Nice Deb

Tolerance: At Church, Obama’s Pastor Calls Republicans “The Enemies”: GWP
Mark Levin's Inaugural Day Message: Breitbart
A Retreat Emanating from the GOP Retreat?: RS

Preparing the ground for confiscation?: Camp o' the Saints
Beware of Those Advising GOP To Unilaterally Disarm: DLim
Holder's Comment About 'Military-Style Weapons' Sparks Debate: CNS

The President's Hyper-Partisan Inaugural Address: Ace
Do Gun Control Laws Control Guns?: Sowell
Obama’s Inaugural Prayer Drops “Under God”: WZ


Historians will judge Obama's fiscal irresponsibility harshly: Patterico
Gun Shop Owner Calls for Groupon Boycott After It Cancels His Deal: DailyFin
Bad news aplenty for leftist gun-haters…: GSL

Special Report: Beyond the Fiscal Cliff: Solari
The grim labor force participation rate graph: RS
Pigging Out While We Starve: WyBlog

Scandal Central

Sen. Rand Paul: Obama Administration May Be Involved in Guns-to-Jihadists Cover-up: GWP
Assault rifles have been banned for 27 years. So why are politicians and the media lying to you?: Owens
Maryland: Your Governor has BIG plans for Gun Control: Heels and Handguns

Climate & Energy

CBO Says Electric Vehicle Subsidies to Cost $7.5 Billion With Little Benefit: NLPC
EPA-proposed air pollution clean-up to cost Navajo nation coal plant $500 million: DC
Oh that’s gonna leave a mark – EU carbon trading ‘worthless’: Watts


Rapper Lupe Fiasco thrown offstage during pre-inauguration event after anti-Obama rant : DC
Congratulations to Barack Obama on Another Four Years to Cement the Destruction of My Children's Future: Patterico
Jarrett Thanks MSNBC: WFB

Josh Marshall wants you to know that an unwillingness to keep and bear arms is a virtue: ProWis
Gallup: Obama lowest-rated re-elected President since WWII: Hot Air
Time Magazine attempts to scare with AR-15 "factoid": Everyday

Chris Christie – reprehensible hypocrite: LibertyZone
Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: RSM
'New York Times' 2013 buyouts and layoffs watch: CapitalNewYork


The Left's new campaign to destroy a friend of Israel's: Glick
Gun Control Charts: LI
Bye-bye London: Glick

Josh Marshall wants you to know that an unwillingness to keep and bear arms is a virtue: ProWis
Marcus Tullius Cicero on National Survival: RightPlanet
Panetta: US has to 'fight back' against al Qaeda after three Americans killed: Hill

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue.com/Tech)

Spotted: Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass specs as he blends in on NYC subway: NextWeb
Cheap, polymer-coated cotton automagically captures water from desert air: ExtremeTech
3D Printers Are Close To Changing The Ballgame: Ace


America’s Answer to Politicians: Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm: CDN
Our First, Second (okay, fourth) Historic, Ceremonial Inauguration: MOTUS
The Viral Layoff Letter Making Its Way Around The Internet: HayRide

Image: Former TN slave, Mary Fields, holds the assault weapon of her age - PagunBlog
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Witch Hunt Against Michele Bachmann

QOTD: "...many countries haven’t come back from [the kind of Statism we've seen under Obama]. It’s happening from within. When an individual like Obama uses the instrumentalities of government against us, when he uses the power that the Constitution grants to a president to evade the Constitution and abuse power, when he uses liberty to exploit opportunities to promote the tyranny of centralized government, it’s extremely difficult for people who are not paying attention or who are not engaged in the political process to help us stop what's taking place.

Only when things get so bad do many of them realize what's happening, and that's usually too late... The President is making institutional, structural changes to our country. Do I think the country can survive? I think America will certainly exist. But what kind of America?

The question is whether we will be a free and prosperous people or just another miserable place where rights are denied and needs are scarce and distributed by the government. I believe knowing the perilous state of the nation, and not pretending otherwise, and knowing that only we conservatives have any hope of stemming this tide and gradually reversing course, we will fight this in every legitimate way we can. And hopefully our already significant ranks will grow. We have no choice but to stand and fight. Everything is at stake." --Mark Levin


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