Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Demagogues Immigration

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Obama Demagogues Immigration: Shapiro
"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.": Crime File News
Oregon Sheriff Writes to Joe Biden: Sentinel

The Imperial President Weighs in on Illegal Immigration: Virtuous
The Rising: Liberty's Torch
Do Not Comply: TL in Exile

Amnesty gang to law-abiders: You’re chumps!: Malkin
The real cost of immigration “reform” — our freedoms: LI
Colorado: Sheriffs Say No to Proposed Gun Control: NRAILA


California at Twilight: Hanson
"We Are Going To Kill The Dollar" Says Obama Senior Official: Mish
Report: Geico drops coverage of gun part maker: USA Carry

Have You Seen Ted Cruz’ Letter To Rahm Emanuel?: HayRide
Ted Cruz encourages banks to leave Chicago because of Emanuel: DC
Gunships Over Miami: SHTFplan

Shamnesty punishes legal immigrants:: Twitchy
Remember Obama's tax hikes on the rich to pay debt? He's spent it all.: IBD
What well-regulated means: Owens

Scandal Central

Surprise: Democrats Have No Intention Of Securing The Border Before Amnesty: Cove
London Daily Mail: Obama Approved Use of Chemical Weapons In Syria to Blame on Assad: Atlas
$125 Mil in “Improper” Medicare Payments for Illegals, Prisoners: JW

Report: FBI raids office of Florida doctor linked to Sen. Menendez: Times
OH Natl. Guard Reacts to 2nd Amendment “Domestic Terrorists” in Mock Disaster Drill: Nice Deb
EPA Scandal Continues To Broaden As EPA Flouts Court Order, Fails To Turn Over Emails: Cowboy

Climate & Energy

Draft IPCC Report Shows 20 Years Of Overestimated Globull Warming: Cove
Al Gore: Why no, I’m not a hypocrite for selling Current TV to oil emirs.: IHTM
Chinese Group Approved To Buy Ailing, Taxpayer-Funded A123 Systems Battery Firm: GreenCar


Figures. Obama Campaign Goes to NBC for Donations: GWP
The ‘40 Percent’ Myth : Lott
WaPo: Assault-weapons ban is probably DOA: Hot Air

CBS's Kroft on Why Obama Does 60 Minutes: 'He Knows We're Not Going To Play Gotcha With Him': NB
Hah! Dana Loesch Pulls Out AR15 Lighter on Piers Morgan Show : GWP
Mag Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting... Then Deletes It: WS

Fox News Fights Back Against Obama Smear: Commentary
How’s that women-empowering sexual revolution thing working out for you?: DTG
"If It Only Saves One Life": Tales From a Tribble

On Bias, Yet Again: Ace
Mark Levin to begin regular appearances on Hannity going forward: Scoop
Sotomayor’s autobiography whitewashes radical college years: CDN


The best friend our enemies could have: Genghis John Kerry, Secretary of State: WyBlog
Report: Starving North Korean Villagers Resorting to Cannibalism: Breitbart
France and African Allies Sweep Northward after Seizing Timbuktu: Cutting Edge

Britain's infernal cocktail of hate: Phillips
Immigration Reform Is a Farce: RWN
Egypt: Rape squads of Tahrir Square, Muslim Brotherhood "state-backed gangs" are terrorising women: Atlas

Sci-Tech (courtesy

DARPA's 1.8-gigapixel cam touts surveillance from 20,000 feet: Engadget
86,800 network printers open to the whole internet - is one of them yours?: Sophos
Google Open Source Program Manager Chris DiBona: Best of Both Worlds: Linux Insider


Obama Signs Executive Order Moving Center to the Left: Cube
Hey, Liberals, I Had an Epiphany!: RtPlanet
Weiner probing possibility of political run: Post

Image: London Daily Mail: Obama Approved Use of Chemical Weapons In Syria to Blame on Assad
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QOTD: "California has changed not due to race but due to culture, most prominently because the recent generation of immigrants from Latin America did not — as in the past, for the most part — come legally in manageable numbers and integrate under the host’s assimilationist paradigm. Instead, in the last three decades huge arrivals of illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America saw Democrats as the party of multiculturalism, separatism, entitlements, open borders, non-enforcement of immigration laws, and eventually plentiful state employment.

Given the numbers, the multicultural paradigm of the salad bowl that focused on “diversity” rather than unity, and the massive new government assistance, how could the old American tonic of assimilation, intermarriage, and integration keep up with the new influxes? It could not.

Finally, we live in an era of untruth and Orwellian censorship. It is absolutely taboo to write about the above, or to talk about the ever more weird artifacts of illegal immigration — the war now on black families in demographically changing areas of Los Angeles, the statistics behind DUI arrests, or the burgeoning profile of Medi-Cal recipients." --Victor Davis Hanson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Best way to deal with illegals: Put a price on their heads to bring them in alive (along with their families) to be deported.

This includes Obama's illegal relatives.

Let Homeland security and National Guard provide border security.

Both these initiatives would be good jobs for retired military.

NO Amnesty - NO Benefits - NO Drivers Licenses - NO Anchor Babies.

NO to illegals.