Thursday, January 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Yesterday, Hillary Showed You All of Her Flaws

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Yesterday, Hillary Showed You All of Her Flaws: Hawkins
NJ Democrats plan an end run around the First Amendment: WyBlog
Majority Opposes Renewing Ban On ‘Assault Weapons’: GunMag

Why it matters whether Benghazi was terrorism or not: Moe Lane
Arrogance and Overreach: Erickson
Is Obama a "liberal?": Extrano's Alley

Rep. Duncan to Hillary: “I’ll tell you what difference it makes…”: Nice Deb
90 Sheriffs, Two Associations to Ignore "Obama Gun Control": Reason
And Now The Senate Gets Into The Act: Guns & Money


Obama Government Equal to Population in 1776: Dossier
Obamaism Will Fail Because Socialism Always Does: Rush
Chicago Police Chief: Booze, Guns and Abuse of Authority: GSL

The GOP and the City: City Journal
Another Marxist Analysis of the New Aristocracy: Ace
Indiana: Mike Pence's Budget Cuts Taxes, Reins in Spending: ATR

Scandal Central

Benghazi, “Fast and Furious on Steroids?”: DTG
Litmus Test for Top Officers: Willingness to Fire on Americans?: MB
This Is What 1,230 Days (And Counting) Of Explicit Market Support By The Federal Reserve Looks Like: ZH

Climate & Energy

Nebraska OKs Pipeline; Now It's Climate Myth Vs. Jobs: IBD
Obama's path on climate change runs through EPA: Exam
Liberal Dem: EPA should flex its powers on climate change: Hill


Rand Paul Questions Hillary's Competency; Reporter Terry Moran Questions Rand Paul's Credentials: Ace
Ending Gun Violence Requires Commitment, Not All Of It Voluntary: Coulter
Gun Knowledge Banned in Chicago: Ace

Liberal Blogger: ‘How Dare You Smear Hillary by Quoting Her Accurately!’: RSM
Journalist compared 2nd Amendment Supporters to John Wilkes Booth: Heels
What Difference Does It Make?: Virtuous

Have You Noticed Liberals Always Compare Obama To Republican Presidents?: Glob
Fantastic: Greg Gutfeld exposes media hypocrisy on Benghazi: Scoop
Well, At Least He's Honest: Arms and the Law

Our Own Little “Fast and Furious”: LibertyZone
Networks Swoon for Hillary’s ‘Indignation’ and ‘Tears,’ Champion ‘Riveting’ Testimony from ‘Political Pro’: NB
Writer ordered to pay $174,000 after rare Porsche blows up in test drive: Yahoo! Autos


Clinton Cries, Yells But Won't Apologize for Benghazi: IBD
European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating: Gatestone
Why do the worst anti-Semites come from Europe?: INN

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Smoke Screen Company Thinks It Has The Perfect Defense Against School Shooters: PopSci
Microsoft may invest $3 billion in Dell, massively expanding its hardware operation: ExtremeTech
Transparency Report: What it takes for governments to access personal information: GoogleBlog


Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot: Zen Pencils
'I'm Going to Miss Shopping': Driscoll
List of exhibitors boycotting the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show: NoisyRm

Image: Hillary’s Bizarre and Outrageous Benghazi ‘Testimony’
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop The U.S. Senate From Greasing The Skids For Gun Confiscation

QOTD: "[W]hy the retail investors is done:

Yes, it is the endless microfraud that is HFT scalping, churning and subpennying every order, or what little orders are left;

Yes, it is the still vivid memory of a 50% drop in the market when nobody, nobody, said it was possible;

Yes, it is the fact that the vast majority of what is left of America's Middle Class has no unlevered disposable income;

Yes, it is that as the baby boomers, who have concentrated the vast amounts of America's wealth start retiring the last thing they will care about is return on capital as opposed to return of capital,

Yes, it is the now glaring breakdown between deteriorating economic fundamentals, declining corporate revenues and now profits and the stock market...

... But most of all it is the now all too clear realization that a "market" that needs the Fed's explicit support 81% of the time in the past 1519 days (and counting) to prevent it from collapsing, is anything but a market." --Tyler Durden

1 comment:

K-Bob said...

That "Pale Blue Dot" thing was pretty cool.

Until I noticed that in the big montage of famous Earthlings, he put Che Guevara top center, between MLK and Nelson Mandela.

Nice. A smelly, vicious murderer of artists and homosexuals, between two men who gave their lives for peace and freedom.