Sunday, January 20, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters Rally in Albany

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Thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters Rally in Albany: Nice Deb
West Point: believers in "individual freedoms" are terrorists: JihadWatch
Joe Biden has another neurological incident: Moe Lane

Whittle: Have Faith. The Untapped Reservoirs are Deep & Wide: Instapundit
The Democracy Initiative: a Coup in Plain Sight: AT
Democrats See Political Opportunity in Newtown Deaths: RWN

Debacle in Ben­ghazi: WS
A look at the upcoming Senate races: Ace
West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S.: Times


A Housing Finance Market Without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Foundry
Obama ignores the rational answer: Reagan
Obama comes out swinging for second term: LAT

Scandal Central

NY Fires Auditor Who Found Abuse of Sandy Funds: RWN
GA Collegian Saves 11, Shooting At Masked Attackers: WZ
UK Girl was ‘sold’ aged 11, drugged and raped by child sex ring: Scoop

Climate & Energy

The ghost of the Keystone XL pipeline returns to haunt Obama: Hot Air
30,000 Scientists Want to Sue Al Gore Over Climate Change: Sentinel
Frozen UK braced for more ice and snow: BBC


They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us: Driscoll
CBS News Political Director: Obama ‘Must Go for the Throat,’ ‘Pulverize’ & ‘Declare War’ on the GOP: Blaze
Immaculate Election Redux: The Regurguration: VictoryGirls

Methodist Church's CSGV's Outrageous Attack on Rep. John Barrow: Howling
The Authenticity of Fake: Sultan Knish
AFP-Michigan’s deputy director tweets pic of death wish aimed at her kids: Twitchy

Obama's Delivered 699 Speeches Using a Teleprompter Since Taking Office: WS
NBC: No 'Assault Rifle' Used in Newtown Shooting: IJ Review
Megyn Kelly Panel Takes On Why Third Of Americans Believe Obama Hiding Something About His Past: Mediaite


‘Arab Spring’ Update: Hostages Killed in Algeria; French Fight Islamists in Mali: RSM
Algeria Crisis Confirms Al-Qaeda Not “On the Run”: Foundry
PM: History will not forgive those who permit nuclear Iran: JPost

Disaster: All American hostages in Algeria reported killed: Creeping
UN Gun Grab on Pace for March: NewAm
Caterpillar Punked By Chinese Fraud, To Write Off Half Of Q4 Earnings: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Why Are Chimps Stronger Than Humans?: SciAm
The First Car Phone Was The Civil War Telegraph Wagon: Jalopnik
There Is Now A Socially Acceptable Way To Call Someone Ugly Or Attractive, And It's Sweeping Colleges: Insider


Scaring People to Debt: Hopenchange Cartoons
Molon Labe Activists Strike Again!: iOTW
What's the stealthiest cop car?: Jalopnik

Image: Second Amendment supporters celebrate Gun Appreciation Day at state capitols
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Protest the president -- TV Blackout Monday -- Inauguration day

QOTD: "Every GOP guest on Face The Nation should ask Bob Schieffer if he agrees with his political director that the GOP needs to be destroyed." (Hot Air commenter 'Commodore' via Ed Driscoll)

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