Saturday, January 19, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Country’s Going Straight to Hell, But at Least We’ve Got a "Likeable" President

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Country’s Going Straight to Hell, But at Least We've Got a 'Likeable' Pres.: RSM
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Obama Playing Chicken with American Men: Daren Jonescu

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Outgoing Marxist Labor Secretary Blames Unemployment on... Tea Party: GWP
7th Circuit upholds Walker's collective bargaining legislation: Althouse
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Scandal Central

Democrat: Please Don't Release Our Gun Confiscation Plans: MenRec
Obama bypasses Congress, attempts to force companies to reveal political donations through SEC: DC
DOJ Seeks to Stall JW’s Lawsuit Seeking Access to Fast and Furious Records: JW

Climate & Energy

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Newspaper removes controversial online database of gun permit holders: CNN

ABC, CBS and NBC All Refuse to Identify Indicted Nagin as Democrat: NB
MO Sheriffs to all U.S. Sheriffs: Defend all Americans Against Attacks on 2nd Amendment: Nice Deb
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Sci-Tech (courtesy

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Image: Newsweek revels in Obama cultism with creepy ‘second coming’ Inauguration cover
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Remember: Today is National Gun Appreciation Day

QOTD: "The Obama administration's current warpath against so-called "gun violence" -- which is Newspeak for non-violence committed by non-criminals with their non-illegal private property -- is a brazen challenge to America's manhood. The progressives have apparently decided that this is the moment when they can play their ultimate authoritarian hand, and let the chips fall where they may. They believe, in other words, that this is the moment when they may be able to break America at last, one way or another.

Through Obama's forceful, smug insistence on taking action in defiance of Congress, along with the aggressive urging to do so from his sycophants in the progressive elite -- from the vice president and the senate majority leader on down -- the leftists are engaging in a game of chicken with the American spirit that is disturbing both for its immediate intentions and for its revelation of their thought process and game plan.

In light of the well-known fact that their proposals and trial balloons will be judged by millions of Americans to be an outright violation of constitutionally protected liberties -- and liberties of the most emotionally trenchant nature, namely those related to the very foundations of limited government -- the progressives' deliberate projection of haste and intransigence on gun control must not merely be taken at face value, and judged on its "merits." It must also be interpreted -- in other words, one must ask precisely what they are hoping to achieve by attacking the most deeply held principles of so many Americans in such a heavy-handed fashion." --Daren Jonescu

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Bones said...

New York's "over site" regarding new gun laws and the police may actually be the right way go. The main threat to our personal freedoms is the government and it's armed agents. Law abiding people should be able to own the same weapons as the government agents.